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Complimentary Starter Kit with Digital Book Writing Guide + Word and PDF Templates Download our free Microsoft Word book templates. You can download our free sample layouts and test how our templates work. Generate a business plan with Word and a corresponding Excel workbook for customizing the financial statements. Planer and BuzzSumo to see which words and phrases are searched for. You can download a customizable design or a blank template;

find hundreds of templates built right into Word.

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iFor more information about Microsoft Word Book Template.using Ebook-Making Tips, you can use visually richly available fixed-layout e-books to design your own page plans and themes exactly as you intend - as well as a number of useful tips.... Creating an e-book with bookmaking utilities can be bought as a default design of the e-book.

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Do you want to know the fundamentals so that you can reformat your script yourself in Word? Have a look at our beginners manual. Choose the type of template you want (empty or with pattern content) and find your bleed area. In the USA, the most commonly used trimming paperback is 6 " x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm), but you have several possibilities (see chart below).

When you' re not sure what to choose, you'll find similar contents to give you an impression of what your reader expects. When this is the case, you must enlarge the bleed. If your bleed is 6 " x 9", for example, you should change the page to 6. 125" x 9.25".

In order to resize the page: Click in the" Page Setup" section of the Layout page on Sizes. In the" Width" and" Height" boxes, type the trimming area of your book inclusive trimming. Hints for reformatting your front matter: When you copy and past contents from another file into the template, the system may need to apply and correct the format.

If you wish, you can include an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) on your copyrights page, but it is not necessary. When adding it, make sure it is the same as the number associated with your book. Inserting your book contents in the chapter shifts the page numbers. Wildcard text.

Make sure that there is no more wildcard text in your front view before you begin to customize the pages of the chapters. To not keep a front section, you must clear the wildcard text and the section itself. In Word, go to the Home page. Select the wildcard text in the section you want to clear.

Press the button Cancel. Press the button Cancel. Hints for reformatting your pages: First, add/delete sections. First, we suggest that you refresh the template to contain the number of sections you want. Select and copy the last section. Place the pointer on the end of the last section.

Place the pointer on the end of the penultimate section. Press the Return button to paste spaces above the last section name. Refer to the other sections for comparison. Select the section you want to erase and press the backspace button. Once you have added or deleted sections, refresh the headings.

Replaces the book name ( "odd pages") and the name of the writer ("even pages") with your information: Select the wildcard text and press the button Clear. Include your information, with extra formats (e.g., font). Ensure that the name of the song and the name of the writer correspond exactly to what you entered when setting up the song.

To exit the heading, double-click the section text. If you copy and past contents from another file into the template, the system may need to apply and correct the format. Wildcard text. Once you have finished reformatting your sections, make sure that there is no more wildcard text. "The writer.

" There is a page at the end of the template for your author's bio. For the last few times, make sure that there is no wildcard text. Uploading your book goes through our verification procedure and can be declined if it contains wildcard text. Books in detail. Do the information in your files (e.g. book titles, authors name) exactly correspond to the book information you enter when creating the name?

Verify your cover page and headings to see if your information is consistent. When you want to include pictures in your book, they should be high-resolution.

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