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To create a CD booklet template. Brochure printing is a common task that many users want to accomplish. There are two methods: Using templates Using MS WordCommunity Q&A. If you create a brochure with Microsoft Word 2007, you can do this either manually or with a Word template. Which settings should I use for page setup, i.

e. paper size (A4 or A5?), margins, etc. to print a double-sided A5 booklet with A4 paper?

Printing a brochure in Word 2007

Word 2007 has a booklet feature that allows you to booklet a new or already created workbooklet. As soon as the original is finished, call up the booklet feature to quickly convert your original into an even-numbered booklet. If you are printing the booklet, administer your printing preferences to make sure that your booklet is printed in a size that you can use for distribution and sharing.

In Microsoft Word 2007, open the file. Doubleclick either in an opened dialog box or choose the file from "File" and then "Open". Adjust the borders. Word's standard borders are 1 in. Trim these edges to at least 0.5in for the top and bottom of the booklet and the inside and outside edges.

Specify a channel edge of 0.25 inch to allow folding of the booklet. In the Pages area, choose the" Browse " option from the drop-down list. It will set the page to horizontal with two pages of booklet output per page. Choose the number of pages in the booklet from the "Sheets per booklet" drop-down list - these are a multiple of four if you choose to have two pages printed on each page of your booklet.

Alternatively, choose the All Pages or Auto Adjust options. Use the " OK " key to store your set-up. To do this, open the file in Word. Click on the "Microsoft Office" and then " Print " tab. If your machine can print on both sides at the same timeout, click "OK". If your machine will print only one page at a while, choose "Manual duplex" and click "OK".

If the page is printed, return it to the machine and then click "OK" to the opposite page.

To create a booklet in Microsoft Word 2007

This is your first "meeting" with the general public and you want to make a good impact. When you have chosen a look, outline what your booklet will look like and what it will say. You are now prepared to create your booklet. If you create a booklet with Microsoft Word 2007, you can do this either by hand or with a Word template.

How to generate a booklet manually[Source: Generate booklet manually]: Launch Word 2007. Ensure that the Print Layout window is checked at the bottom of the display. Choose the number of colums and click Colums. On Alignment, click Landscape. Position the pointer in the first pillar of the booklet.

Choose Pauses and then click Columns. For every row except the last one, follow step 10 and 11. Choose {File} to store the booklet and give it a name. Paste text and images into each of the columns. Don't neglect to store your booklet regularly. Review your orthography and vocabulary and save your booklet one last book.

To create a booklet from a Word template[Source: Using a booklet template]: Launch Word 2007. To open the New Document dialog box, click the Office icon and choose New. Choose Booklet from the template lists in the area on the lefthand side. Booklet styles are shown in the middle area.

For an example, click on each booklet in the right pane. Choose the desired template and click on Download. Choose {File} to store the booklet and give it a name. Substitute the text in each of the columns with your own contents and insert images if necessary. Don't miss to store the booklet regularly.

Verify your orthography and your vocabulary and store the booklet one last tim.

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