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Writers who inspire you to read. Women Writers Network is a small group of female writers who work together and volunteer to promote our books and other writing. Difficulties; Newbery Awards; Utopias & Science Fiction;

World's Fair Women. Eight thriller authors reveal secrets and provide insights into the world of international espionage and geopolitics. She argues that the diversity of women's responses to the rebirth of the Middle Ages through Gothic literature, travelogues, scholarships and decorative gift books is understandable.

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It is the first time we have to choose a writer - or anyone in any area of our lives - by sex, but here we are again. This past week-end, the writer and New Journalism sire Gay Talese was asked to name female writers who inspire him at an answering session at Boston University:

According to reports, he went on to say that "educated women do not want to socialize with antisocial people," as Amy Littlefield, the publicist, said to the Washington Post. The hash tag #womengaytaleseshouldread began to bubble on Twitter, and many proposals were made - here is a small sample of authors:

We' ve been celebrating women writers on the Book page before, but we've approached some of our writers and asked them to tell us which writers have left their mark on their work. These are 10 of the most frequently quoted writers, in no particular order, and what our reader had to say about them:

When I was studying Lessing's subtle brillant shorts Out of the Fountain, I had the Keatssian feel of a new realm in mind. When I was studying my way into the exiled companion's book, her reach and profundity appeared - from detailed psyche profiles to extensive exploration of catharsis and survivors.

As one of the pivotal essays of the women's liberation of the 1960', this survey of a separated lone mother's quest for individual and public identities remained a stubborn, challenging feat," Robert McCrum commented. As we asked our readership for their favorite women's book, many answered with "anything and everything written by Toni Morrison".

I' ll end one of her tales with a giant smirk that goes on all the time, another tale can make me argue with myself.... each one has a deep influence on me. It would be called transformatory because it gave an idea of the realities of what it means to be a young, aspiring, smart, sometimes lonely African girl in America today.

It also touched me because it touches the affectionate relation between the two key personalities and shows that neither place nor place nor time can extinguish it. "What makes a good author? Smith' essays on the new Charlie Kaufman movie Anomalisa and Arthur Schopenhauer were recently featured in the New York Review of Books.

This is a brief novel that Ferrante composed before her Neapolitan episode, The Days of Abandonment, a great foretaste that in itself is excellent. Night in the City - the history of the fluttering Sophie Fevvers is travelling through Europe of the nineteenth centuries, winning the oldest British literature price, the James Tait Black Awards.

So please, just leave your thoughts in the commentaries and let other writers join the interview.

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