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Female Fiction Agents

asylum In 2018, Donna Everhart received the Southeastern Library Association (SELA) Outstanding Authors Award in the field of The Road to Bittersweet in the field of film. Sue Nathan's 4th novel, The Last Bathing Beauty, was divested to Lake Union for release in April 2020. The Fourth novel by Kerry Lonsdale, Everything We Give, released July 3, is a bestseller in the Wall Street Journal.

It is Elaine Stock's blessing to announce that her novel, Her Good Girl, is the 2018 recipient of the American Fixtures Award in Christmas 2018 in Christmas in Christmas. Simmons is looking forward to releasing her fifth novel, Where She Went, on the Sourcebook label in the fall of 2019. Y. M. Nelson's brief storyline "Introverted" was chosen for publishing in the Z Publishing North Carolina's Emerging Writers anthology:

Anthology of fiction, 2018.

Survivors looking for women's literature NOW & 8 search tips by Chuck Sambuchino

I am asked all the while how I found my agency and where I found the 126 agencies I interviewed before signing with my first agency in 2010. Not only did I use the web, I also used a good old-fashioned manual. However, to help you get going, or to help you close some loopholes, today we have Chuck Sambuchino, who not only has 8 question writing hints, but also 10 frahlings looking for women's literature NOW.

It was Chuck who compiled the checklist to mark the publication of 3 new titles this months, the Guide to Literary Agents 2016, the Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market 2016 and his anti-clown humour work When Clowns Attack: C Survival Guide. My role as publisher of Guide to Literary Agent 2016 is to create countless marketplaces for children's authors and illustrations.

Some of the agencies are open to the signature of new authors, while others are not. Occasionally a publishers or sales representatives will close for a while for submission of contributions. With all this in the back of my head, I wanted to put 10 frahlings in the limelight who are now looking for female novels.

Inquiry gone. I have received personal confirmation from all of the below mentioned agencies that they are looking for customers and will be open for submission from October 2015. For many, many more marketplaces for authors of all children's literature, look for the new & upgraded Guide to Literary Agent 2016.

Please forward a request to MFraserBub@TridentMediaGroup.com., which will be inserted into the text of the e-mail. No manuscripts or suggestions should be sent until you have been asked to do so. Please fill in a short request and your first section (inserted in the e-mail, no more than fifteen duplicate pages). Please insert the first ten ms pages into the text of the e-mail after your request.

Please submit a request and the first five pages of your paper to dburby@hsgagency.com. If you have any questions, please contact marie.jdlit@gmail.com. Enter "Inquiry" in the reference line of your e-mail and submit the first twenty pages in the main part of your e-mail together with a biography with a section and a summary with a section.

The GUIDE TO LITERARY AGENTS and the CHILDREN'S WRITER'S & ILLUSTRATOR'S MARQUET are edited by Chuck Sambuchino(@chucksambuchino) of Writer's Digest Books. Its Guide to Literary Agents blog is one of the biggest of its kind in the field of publication. The 2010 humour work HOW TO SOURVIVE A GARDEN GNOMEATTACK has been chosen by Sony Pictures. In his latest humour work WHEN CLOWNS ATTACK: A SURVIVAL GUIDE (Sept. 29 2015), he' s going to save everyone from the vicious fools and wildcards that follow our world.

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