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The following are the unique features of this publishing software:. To open.pubs without Microsoft Publisher Currently there are no third-party plug-ins (except PUB21D as described below), viewer or links to open publish pages that have been generated by Microsoft Publisher. There are, however, several ways to build a shared Publisher for you. It is always a good option, but there is no integrated PDF exports before Publisher 2010.

If you are creating a paper in Microsoft Publisher or another desktops publisher application, others must have the same application to open and display the paper. When this is not the case, there are ways you can transform your creations into a form that others can use.

When you are the receiver, you must get the creator of the document to store it in a displayable form. If you want to use Publisher 2000 (or higher) for sharing with Publisher 98 customers, please store the Publisher 2000 or higher in Pub 98s. Submit a printable document to the recipient's printable document.

You won't be able to see it on the screen, but you can almost certainly printout it. Select Save As from the Save As option of the FileMaker Pro Tools toolbar, and then click PostScript in the Save As field to generate a. persecutable. Usually this is used to prepare data for business printers, but if the receiver has a PostScript-enabled device, he can use it.

Typically used for business purposes, an EPS can be opened in many graphics applications. You must generate a custom EPS from each page of your publications. For the PostScript export type, go to Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) in Prin Setup | Properties. Then, browse to the page you want to view, click Add to Page, and then click OK.

Use the Print to files check boxes when you print your publications. Rather than print to your printers, Publisher creates a print RN document. In this case, the receiver can use the copy function of Windows XP to directly copy the document to his desk top computer print (of the copy files name like. PPNpt1 -- or LPN2, according to where the print server is located).

Because your machine may not be the same as the recipient's, it may not be printing exactly as you imagined. When you exchange data with a particular receiver on a regular basis, get a copy of the PRN from the publisher for its printers. Conversion of your Publisher documents into HTMLs.

Then you can either put the data on the Internet and give the addresses to the receivers to display the data, or the HTML data to the receiver so that he can display it off-line in his webrowser. When sending the data, you must also embed all the images and make sure that you configure the data so that all HTML and graphic data are in the same folder so that the receiver can store them anywhere on his harddisk.

Or, you take the HTML that Publisher generates and submit an e-mail in HTML form. Exactly how it works depends on your e-mail clients and how it is delivered to the recipients depends on which e-mail clients they use (and whether they are accepting HTML-formatted e-mails). Turn your Publisher documents into PDF files.

Because Publisher releases prior to Publisher 2007 do not have a PDF exporter, you must use another application such as Adobe Acrobat Distiller. To begin, generate a PostScript and then use Adobe Acrobat to generate the PDF files. Recipients can display or printout the documents on their screens. The receiver must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader however.

You can also use some driver and utility programs to generate PDFs from almost any Windows applications. When you use Publisher 2007 or 2010, store your Publisher PDF from within the programme to be sent to anyone who has PDF opening or viewing applications (including free Acrobat Reader).

If you have a natively published document (.pub) but do not have Microsoft Publisher, the possibilities are limited: You would need to download the whole Office Suite, but you could get a test copy of the latest publisher. You can use it to open and display your files.

It' possible to change a Public Access Unit data record to the original layout of another desktopsoftware. Public repository data as well as the public repository (and which versions of the public repository file). This is a plug-in for the conversion of publisher data to InDesign, which is a Markzware solution. Note, however, that when using an app like Adobe PDF 2DTP, some parts of your document may not be converted as intended.

A lot of people are recommending an online converter site named for this. PDF format PDF and others. It is currently being converted. Public domain data in one of these formats: An additional online converter, Office/Word to PDF, also performs conversions. Public Access Unit files. Up to 5 megabytes (.megabytes) for your data to be converted.

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