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Launched in 2015, the Steps degree in Will Preparations (England and Wales) is a professional skill that expands your skills in will drafting and will execution. The course includes the following four Advanced Certificates: The Advanced Certificates in Administration of Estates, Administration of Trusts and Taxation of Trusts and Estates are conducted in four to six month each via our on-line training platforms and two personal training forums.

Every Advanced Certificate is evaluated by a three-hour, self-contained exam and we suggest that you use between 4 and 6 lessons per week four to six weeks before the exam for a one-to-one course of studies. Further information on these Advanced Certificates can be found here. STEP Advanced Certificate in Will Preparation is taught via our on-line training plattform and three face-to-face training sessions and lasts six month.

In order to receive the Advanced Certificate, you must take a three-hour, self-contained exam and successfully take two on-line exams - the first refers to customer retention and the second to the design. After successfully completing this course you will receive 120 Diploma Level Courses.

In order to apply for the Steps in Will Preparation (England and Wales), you must first earn 60 Entry Level Cards. You can find guidelines for purchasing these tickets on the page QUALIFICATIONS and MEMBERSHIP FRAMEWORK. The Advanced Certificate in Will Preparation was developed for those who have relatively extensive practical knowledge in both the receipt of wills and the wills.

Course price is £745 (plus VAT) per Advanced Certificate. These include: Gain full accessibility to the on-line training platform: Full Steps members are entitled to a reduced fare of £1,245 (plus UK VAT). Included in the price: Entrance to the on-line training plattform with: You must keep your REGISTRATIONS membership valid while you study a REGISTERED REGISTRATIONS certificate or diploma and you will be charged the renewal-dues.

The dates for these advanced certificates can be found below. We strongly recommend that you visit both of them to take advantage of the personalization of the topic and to talk to the teacher about any possible questions or insecurities. These are not a replacement for participation, but can provide a comprehensive presentation of the subjects covered and help with exams.

The course dates for this certificate can be found below. Requests for waiver of the Advanced Certificates in Administration of Estates, Administration of Trusts, and Taxation of Trusts and Estates are examined in cases where there is a very strong link between a previously acquired skill and the Advanced Certificate, from which waiver is aimed for in terms of both substance and amount.

In connection with an appropriate vocational training, a considerable proportion of post-qualification experiences can be taken into account by Steps. Up to two possible exceptions to the three Advanced Certificates are possible. Candidates will be required to prove similarities and relevancy if the qualifications were acquired more than three years ago.

To apply, please fill out the exemption form and send it along with proof that the appropriate qualifications have been obtained and the curriculum for each previous skill that is part of your job offer. There are no exceptions to the Advanced Certificate in Will Preparation. For more information on this skill, come to one of our Professional Development Open Evenings.

The Professional Developement Open Evenings offer you the opportunity to discover the available programs and paths of advancement while creating a networking forum with other industrial professionals and getting to know members of the CLTI/STEP group. To find out how we can help you with your study trip, please submit your information and sign up.

Just fill in the registration forms and we will confirm your reservation (including the location of the event). For more information on this skill, come to one of our Professional Development Open Evenings. To learn more about becoming a member of Steps and the advantages of becoming a member, please go to the website.

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