Wikipedia Book Creator

The Wikipedia Book Creator

Combination of the benefits of up-to-date and well-founded know-how with the comfort of print products. You can choose the book you would like to have set and, if desired, print it. From US$ 8.90 you get your own book and the Wikimedia Foundation. Build your own guidebook that contains only the places you will actually be visiting.

Do you manage your contents on-line, but need an occasional print edition? Have a look at the catalogue and find many more titles! You can click on the book to see a pre-view of the sentence and the lay-out. The size of the book is 5.5" x 8.5". Have a look at more credentials and find out how other clients use the book manufacturer.

We will produce and ship your order within 2-3 working day (except colour books). They produce their work in a standard of excellence that is no different from conventional book production. Part of the profits from each book is given to the Wikimedia Foundation to help with its missions.

Now Wikipedia allows you to order printed textbooks.

Wikipedia launches a new function for British readers: Possibility to make user-defined textbooks from the vast Wikipedia library with free contents. Due to the way in which the pictures and copies of Wikipedia are licenced, they are freely accessible to everyone and can be used and distributed in this way. Publishers of wikis, PediaPress has a long-term partnership with Wikipedia to publish these titles.

Now PediaPress also provides paperback and will soon include hardback titles in its catalogue. Prices for each book vary by the number of pages; paperback starts at $8.90. The user can also easily load a PDF of the "books" they have created. As of today, a window with the option "Create book" will appear in the Print/Export area of the right side bar.

Here is a brief demonstration of how the bookmaker works: "PediaPress CEO Heiko Hees said in a press announcement this mornin': "When I had the brainstorming feeling, my co-workers probably said that my bathroom was too warm. In this frantic era, I believe more and more today than ever, everyone appreciates their off-line time.

You' d like to have the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available in your off-line moment - on the move, by the sea, in your bed". In comparison to other departments that have tried to address this issue, such as e-readers, Wikipedia has the drawback of providing only non-fiction and contents that can and will be subject to periodic changes.

However, PediaPress has two decisive benefits. Firstly, the contents can be adapted to any subject the users want. Curating is one of the trademarks of the latest generation of expression. Secondly, this is the best media for those who decide to go off-line; you will never need a PSU or a web browser to use a book.

The PediaPress already runs in 17 different tongues and serves 33 different nationalities. Do you think it's a great way to use free contents, or are you going to use a book in a medial cemetery? Think you could use PediaPress to make a book for yourself or a mate?

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