Why Write a novel

What's the point of writing a novel?

You have everything under control - characters, story, plot, setting, theme, sentences. In order to investigate the topics that interested me in a story. You know (or you are about to find out) that it is difficult to write a novel - and there is no guarantee that the book will be a success. So, what's revenge? Hiding in your home office at night and ashamed to admit you're working on a book?

Making a novel is damn important

Today is the date on which a novel begins. You' re on a hot streak. Doubts creep in, you begin to annoy your burgeoning novel and conceal it in the online dustbin (only to save it an hours later and put it under "Unfinished Businesses"). The cute little ponies walk'round and'round and'round'.

It' s difficult enough to create a new concept; burning yourself on it makes it almost outrageous. I did the same: I have a 50k+ vocabulary script for a novel and a 10k+ half-baked script for a shorter story/novel series. But from my experience of typing and not typing and whatever was in between when I composed these two songs of rubbish, I know that ?and-?and typing fiction in -- is is tremendously important.

Their brains are cabled to find all the information, hacks and information you need to make sure you can deal with them optimally in a particular setting. I even found the literature on your bedside table. What about clich├ęs? For there is only one purpose: to help the readers with something.

Specialist book = help the readers to fulfil a given assignment in a simple way or to find something new that could help them in the future.fiction = help the readers to get ready for certain scenes, in the shape of a series. Humans are learning how to be socially responsible, how to behave in a relation, how to do the right thing by devouring fictional tales.

If you write a novel, you write about a figure who once thought something, then was altered by a mistaken belief and now has to do with another change in her aura. This changes your personality and you as a readership. See how much force fiction holds?

As soon as we are enchanted with a good ledger, we go into the warren. At some point we come from this bunny hole?-hole the the same man, but not the same world-view. We have undergone a small transformation, we do not think like us, we are more wise through our experiences in the beautiful, marvelous warren.

Then write this fucking novel. When you are on your bangs, which come out of the continuous Merry-Go-Round spin, keep in mind that you have a real function for the company. They don't create clickbaits or selling sites or hints on how to become a millionaire (because millions are so overvalued). They create a survivors' guideline for the reader in a highly imaginative way.

and a belletrist. At the moment he is working on a long novel and several shortshows. If you would like more information about his professional typing work, please see his website. Watch him on Instagram and watch his fictional story on medium every week. Hopefully this has been helpful on your trip!

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