Why Write a Book

Write a book?

If your book is a fiction or a memoir, the fact that you are now an author gives your professional efforts a touch of authority. To write a book can seem like a feat of Hercules. The writing of your novel takes work, but here is why writing your book is worth the time investment. "Maybe you said it yourself. Well, I think there's a book in everyone.

Seth' Blog

It was a frightening textbook. Took me ten years to finish this script.

Typing can be a great kind of therapy, even if the typing you do is not about you at all.

It is often our obsession and worry that we write about, even if we only realize later that we do. If you write a textbook, it will open you to a part of yourself that you may have neglected or that you don't even know.

You' re going to be working in a great custom.

  • You could make a difference in your own lives.

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