Why Write a Book

Write a book?

Reasons to write a book. Use a professional writing trainer to write your book. So before you go, why don't you just go ahead and start writing that one?

So before you go, why don't you just go ahead and start writing that one? About eighty per cent of grown-ups are hoping to publish a work, but only 1 per cent do so. What's the point of writing a work? You' ve got more to say than fits on your gravestone or 140-digit tweet or Facebook or blogs and you want your storyline to be written in a textbook.

Allow me to tell you about some new writers who have collaborated with me in writing and publishing[more about the textbooks at amazon.com]: I' ve been writing and publishing Ting and me: It is a memoir of charity, bravery and dedication, in part as a present to my woman and my boyfriends and my relatives and the nursing staff who have taken care of my particular wifewife Tina Su Cooper, in part to tell others about the force of charity, the meaning of matrimony and the value of living, even the seriously-disabled.

This was a "message" volume, positively rated and the subject of several beautiful essays in regional journals. Ava Gardner's daughter? In spite of her lively recollections and some indices backing her faith, the test of genetic material that the script managed to execute Gardner's relative did not back her memory.

An ex-NYPD detective's candid memorandum, reminiscent of his services, entertaining his readership and serving as an imposing "fat calling card" for his Gold Shield Elite Investigations, LLCs. Alice Conner Selfridge, a pensioned nurse, used to write her memoirs, high shoes and bloods with my work: writing and editing: Remains of the attic in my head, especially to keep the memory of the lucky 1930' junior of eleven who grew up in a small Massachusetts town.

I' ve been coaching, I' ve written and I' ve been working on the foreword. Seventy-something Judith Axtell has written a memorandum with a policy focus, but....at What Cost: In A Skeptic's memoroir, to describe, clarify, and protect their passage from adolescent 1960' s liberally to maturity engaged conservatively. I' ve been coaching, I' ve written and I' ve been working on the foreword. - Sometimes it' really helpful to write your books.

Her memoirs Kidnapped Twice: Then Betrayed and Misused were written by Mary E. Seaman and I, the tale of her part of her convalescence from a traumatized infancy, a convalescence that helped her by composing her work. Ralph Nader, the German Consumers' Attorney, praised the text on the envelope as a "blurb" to persuade others to buy and read it.

A Memoir of a Happy Childhood, by Kathleen Blake Shields, recounts a small New York city' s impoverished couple who provided their three girls with a clever and caring education in the sixties. I' ve written it to help others writing their book, then publishing and promoting it.

There was a very favorable response, also from other authors. The people I coache get the print copy, and those who reply to this website with their email address get an electronical copy. Further works are in progress: Things that ever happen to my White Post Fence? is Janet Johnson Schliff's memories of the resumption of a cerebral tumour, which was the magnitude of an orangus when it was eventually detected and cleared; she has become an apartment/vocate for those with cerebral lesions and has witnessed before New York State Officials.

You can see that the motifs for the letter were diverse and personal, from therapeutical to business, from philosophic to politic, from family to self-realization. Though your textbook offers you possibilities, it's not likely to become a bestseller, so you need to find its value independently of license cheques.

You will take the time: you and I will spend an entire week meeting in private or by phone and work on your work. You will have my help: As your co-author or journalist, I will be writing and editing some.

I' ve written over 100 engineering papers and ten novels, and my final exam in English was....well, very impressing. Publishers we normally use will need $500-1000 to set up the paperback[about $200 for the ebook] and usually calculate $5-10 for each notebook you want to print.

It costs about a dime of what you would have paid to have a text by another writer, and you would always know that you did not fully deserve the recognition you got for "writing" a ghost-written work. You' ll get all emoluments resulting from the sale of the books, as well as any cash you get from anything related to the work.

F: How is your product selling? and through bookstores such as amazon.com and bn.com[Barnes & Noble]. You can sell it as an online book[ebook] through similar media. Q. Do you not need an agen to be public?

We' re working with a grant publisher[Outskirts Press] that doesn't refuse my work. I' ve written ten of them so far. F: What about your copyrights to the work and everything that comes out of the work? The first one-on-one meeting is free of charge and clarifies the aims, methodologies and possible results of your work.

Once we are in agreement that we are a good match, we begin immediately, unless I have too many written customers, in which case you are on a waitlist. As part of your authoring and editorial programme, I will do so personally: Contribute to promoting your work and using it to broaden your possibilities.

DoD Douglas Winslow Cooper is a renowned author and renowned researcher in the field of environment physic, who is now assisting in managing his wife's home health management while following a part-time research and development work. He then went back to college and earned his M.S. in physic at Penn State and his Ph.D. in civil engineer at Harvard.

Writer or co-author of more than 100 scientific papers that have been featured in scientific periodicals, he was voted a Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Sciences. He' s been doing some research on Ting and I: Memoir of love, bravery and dedication, available at amazon.com. Dr. Cooper works as a free-lance writer, coach, partner and editor.

He' s co-author of a detective's rememoir, The Shield of Gold, and a kidnapped Twice, who recovers from misuse, and he' s editor of the High Shoes and Bloomers and But....at What cost? and Home Is Where the Story Begins: Memories of a happy childhood. He' just cut Janet Johnson Schliff, M.S.Ed. on the release of "What Ever Happened t? What Ever Do?

Doctor of Engineering, Harvard University, 1974. Conduct research and write specialist papers on contaminant monitoring to enhance the product and enhance the company's notoriety.

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