Why should I Write a Book

But why should I write a book?

The rise of self-publication means that anyone who has a story to tell can become a published author and sell their book. This shapes our character and makes us appreciate the things that are worth doing. To write a book (which is difficult) will make you see things in yourself - your writing, your worldview, your strange way of expressing ideas - that you have not otherwise noticed. We are celebrating the New Year this week. At least I am.

Fives good reason why everyone should write a book

"Everybody should write at least one book in their life," my cousin Jason once said with great persuasion. All of us should write a book that mirrors our own individuals and gives our own idea a meaning, a book to share with the people. You will get to know yourself by reading a book.

You' ll find that in your work you will be able to learn from your own past and present and this will compel you to think about your own itinerary. Then, because "writing is rewriting", you will always dig deeply into yourself to uncover new aspects of your history and concealed nooks and crannies of your face.

I began to write City of the Sun in my case because I was inquisitive about my Arabic Jews and the conditions of my family's eviction from the land when I was three years old. Originally it was an intellect, but when I entered my parents' past worlds, I began to experience a nostalgia for it.

In the Suez crisis, I also realized how the traumatic eviction of my own familiy must have influenced my psychological and personalities when our solid state of affairs was superseded by years of mayhem. Whatever you write about, at some point you have to do some research.

Maybe you need to memorize something over a certain amount of years - for me it was 1941 in Egypt - or just freshen up your memories of a place, an item or an action. Drawing on this theme of exploration will untangle a whole host of related information, and soon you will be able to inform yourself about all facets of the worlds you create.

In Cairo, my own search for an understanding of the war exposed a realm that I never knew exists, a metropolitan refugee, spy and soldier town ten beats Casablanca. There were many global and historic personalities living in this part of the globe, and I must say I was sometimes overpowered by the amount of research, but it was exciting to discover so many of the root causes of today's Middle East hassles.

To write a book is not a quick run, it is a marriage race that can take month, if not years. In contrast to short form letters, a book is an activity in disciplines and timing that will test your stamina. Let's face it, most of us don't have the luxuries of spending the whole afternoon typing.

Recognize it or not, your experience of living, your personalities and your philosophy of thought give you a completely singular part. By sharing this part with the rest of the earth, you may be amazed by the strength of your words and who they will affect. It is one of the most rewarding aspects of a novel to receive stories from all over the globe that tell me how my words affected them.

Think about the implications of not composing your book now. But your book will last forever, especially in the bricks-and-mortar world. It is impossible to predict where it will end and who it will further stimulate in the course of time. He' s got to write another book, but I know one of these days he will.

Perhaps your history should begin there.

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