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One of the worst reasons for self-publication, I think, is to use it as a way to achieve a traditional publishing contract. The Martian, for example, was published by itself and then taken up by a traditional publisher. Publish when and when not: An editor points out how important it is to know what needs to be done in order to publish successfully. Snooty people you meet at book readings no longer roll their eyes when you tell them you're publishing yourself. Here's why I won't do it.

There are 6 good reason why you should publish by yourself Tiana Warner

R. Martin: You're doing everyone a favour by giving Russell Blake's view. Russell Blake actually says that many so-called "book experts" give fake hopes to most would-be authors who will not sale more than 100 specimens of their novel in his life. That' when the would-be authors write and publish their own work.

This is a Blake review of self-publication from one of his last blogs: Like Blake said, "If it were simple, everyone would." Now, a bunch of would-be writers are trying to do it, but the great majority won't be nearly as successful as they think they will be.

This is the grim side of the self-publishing community. There' s much more cash earned by so-called'book experts' who sell their ghostwriting, editorial, consultancy and advertising copywriting skills to would-be editors than the author does. Another part by Russell Blake that puts self-publishing in the right perspective:

By the way, I'm not bad if I share more of Russell Blake's point of view, which is mine. I have been serving my publisher for over 20 years (I have more than 800,000 books in the world; I drink and eat very well every night). This is the key: As a self-published writer (and sometimes also as a traditional writer ), I am willing to do the things that over 99 per cent of writers are not willing to do.

To put it briefly, to put things in the right light, someone once said,

Seven good reasons for self-publication -

I' ve already said on this page (here and most recently here) that emerging authors are shooting their future in the feet, so to say, by themselves writing a work. Instead, I will briefly discuss the good reason for self-publication. Of course there are many poor grounds for doing this (because no agent or editor seems to recognise your brilliance, you are disappointed and eager, etc.), but there are also some good grounds.

But seriously, self-publishing well done is an costly and tedious procedure. This way I can make sense and encouragement to someone who specifically issues a textbook for families, grandkids and others. Let us assume that your subject is time-critical and really must be published soon (e.g. on the centenary of the resignation of Emperor Wilhelm II in November 1918).

When you sign a conventional books agreement today, it would normally take at least 18 month for your books to be published. So, if your work can' t hold out, self-publishing may be the best choice. When you are the minister of a congregation of tens of thousands, run a favorite radio/television/YouTube show, or offer workshops to tens of millions of people each year, you can do well to publish something for your audiences that you can take home from an activity or share with others.

This is also a fairly straightforward indicator that your site might appeal to a conventional publishers, so you should use this option first. Over the last few years, an annual total of 700,000 independent titles have been produced. If you publish your own work, it is up to you to pick up and buy (and often ship and/or store) your work.

However if you have those abilities and can move many textbooks, then your selling hit could work as a self-published writer for you in administering conventional publisher agreements in the futuro. Of course, in such cases the self-published product is as good as its conventionally released counterparts, but it is meticulously crafted and its publication is planned to interest certain types of reader for a particular brand.

So if you had a good success story that a conventional publishing house no longer produces, but you have good reason to believe it still has some leg, you might want to publish it yourself. You may even be able to obtain the electronic data from your previous publishing house. I' m sure there are other good grounds to publish yourself (including: your Aunt Fiona has pledged to buy 10,000 pieces for her knit circle), but these are things I could write down with very little thought and ado.

Perhaps I should be writing a work.

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