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"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." Begin with Why - a book by Simon Sinek you should be reading So why do we do what we do? Begin with a nice book by Simon Sinek that' s built on a strong concept: "They' re not buying what you're doing, they're buying why you're doing it." It is a synopsis of the Simon Messages statement, the creator of the Golden Circle notion.

It is a straightforward and strong vision devised by Sinek: the vast majority of individuals and companies focus their communications on "what they do, how they do it," and sometimes, but not always, they explain "why they do it. He introduces his approach with a series of metaphorical illustrations (the Wright brothers, the Apple vs. Dell, Martin Luther King) and shows in a refreshing and original way that the power of persuasion and thus the capacity for guidance strongly increase when the trial is reverse.

In order to have a greater effect on the general or contact persons, the so-called "Golden Circle" suggested by Sinek to start every conversation with a "why" and only later to include the "how" and "what". To underpin this hypothesis, Synek does not relate to any kind of psychology, but just to the biological nature of our brain.

Indeed, the mind is subdivided into three major parts corresponding to the Golden Circle: the neo-cortex, which is the plane of "What", is in charge of all our rationality, analysis and speech; the other two parts constitute the limbs system which are in charge of our emotions, our behaviour and our choices.

That is, when we are communicating from outside to inside (starting with "What"), humans can comprehend a variety of information, even complex ones: characteristics, advantages, facts, figures, etc.. This announcement is not, however, a guideline for the behaviour of our audience. However, when we can talk from inside to outside (starting from "why"), we talk directly to the part of the mind that controls behaviour, and then we allow humans to rationalise it with the concrete things we say and do.

On the basis of the Sinek concept, the concept is that humans do not "buy" what a human being / firm does, but "buy" their reason. "And we make great computer (WHAT), well made, easy to use and intuitively (HOW). Apple, which is clearly mirrored in the descriptive text I just wrote, uses a communications policy that begins with WHY: "Everything we do, we believe in questioning the state of the art.

We question the state of the art by making our software beautiful, easy to use and user-friendly (HOW). We' re just doing great computer (WHAT). "Anyone who identifies with the "challenge of the current situation " wants to buy an Apple device, no difference what it is: he buys not the "what", but the "why"!

Our goal is to recruit those who believe in what we do. When we accept humans only because they are good at their jobs, says Simon Sinek, they will work for cash, but if you employ someone who beliefs in what you believe, he will work with "blood, perspiration and tears".

" This means that these individuals will be" committed".

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