Why do People Write Books

What makes people write books?

However, there really is only one good reason to write a book: because you can't stand not writing it. The book you write is better than the book you dream of. While most people dream of writing a book, they never realize it. It' not because they can't or don't know, but because they're afraid. These presentations suggested that I write a book.

Cause everyone should write a textbook

Recently I submitted my next volume and started the hurtful task of publishing it. I wondered after researching for several hundred lessons, doing several dozen in-depth interviewing and thirty books later, not to speak of typing, whether all this work was really costly. When we start working on the script, I'll see things I've somehow been missing.

However, while I do this, take a thorough look at myself and criticize my work, I noticethem. Well, I think everyone should write a script. Cause it'?s heavy. At some point, everyone should do something tough. To write a script (which is difficult) will make you see things in yourself - your writings, your world view, your strange way of saying things - that you have not otherwise noticed.

Only a fellowship of people who felt it was important enough to express themselves. Cause the best way to get around an important part of an opportunity is to split an important one. After all, the work you write is better than the one you are dreaming of. While most people are dreaming of creating a textbook, they never do.

For an unfulfilled wish is more certain than an operation that could not. My girlfriend Marion reminds me that if you've already won. You did something most people say they want, but don't do. You delivered, which is more than most people will. When you do, you can write someone else.

Obviously, not everyone will write a work. You will come up with many good reasons, such as "I am not a writer" or "What should I say?" and so on. They will still be dreaming in there. No. Not everyone will write a script, but you could. You can do something important and make it happen to the people.

So, you can say that you did something tough, something that humiliated you, that allowed you to take more charge of yourself, and that allows you to divide an important notion. For while there is too much ado in this earth, we can never have too many people to take on it. Did you ever think about making a work?

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