Why do Authors Write Books

What makes authors write books?

Writers write for what? " Maybe because typing is not a particularly profitable occupation (especially for beginners), most writer side with Boswell on this edition. If it'?s not cash, what motivates the authors to write? Think about how 12 professionals answered this one.

It is the most frequently asked question:

What are you doing? I' m a writer because I have an inherent need to write. I' m a writer because I can't work normally like other folks. I' m a writer because I want to study books, like the ones I write. I' m a writer because I' m mad at everybody. I' m a writer because I like to sit and write all in one room all the time.

I' m a writer because I can only participate in reality through change. I' m a writer because I' m trying to find something out. I' m a writer to know something I didn't know before I started to write it. I' m a writer because I like to express myself, and that makes me think more coherent than if I just shot my own lips off.

I' m writing because it's the only thing I' m really good at. So, I keep doing the one thing in the whole wide open universe where I am feeling very good. To create a home for oneself, one has to write on the papers, in the times, in the heads of others. So why do I write?

It' s not that I want anyone to think I'm clever or even a good author. I' m writing because I want to end my solitude. It'?s books that make men less alone. This, before and after everything else, is what books do. I' m writing because it's so much pleasure - even if I can't see.

But we don't write because we have to; we always have a decision. We' re writing because speech is the way we control the world. It' is the most profound wish of any author that we never dare to acknowledge or even mention: to write a textbook that we can bequeath.

Explore, find, discover.... I' m writing to make it peaceful with things I can't keep up with. I' m writing to make it in a dark and bright colored environment. I' m writing to find out. I' m writing to expose it. I' m writing to hit my spirits. I' m writing to start a dialog.

I' m writing to think of things differently, and if I think of things differently, maybe the whole wide globe will be changed. I' m writing to honour the beautiful. I' m writing to communicate with my mates. I' m writing as a day-to-day act of improvement. I' m writing because my calmness makes it. I' m writing against the Force and for the sake of it.

I' m writing myself from my badmares and into my thumbs. No matter what you write - literature or non-fiction, literature or essays, correspondence or diary entry - see if you can tell why you write.

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