Why be a Writer

What's the point of being a writer?

The majority of those who go to college to become a teacher, doctor or engineer are likely to find a job waiting for them. There are no such guarantees when writing. Frequently I understand this question, I mean a lot. ick Thacker presents some convincing arguments why you should be a writer - and how you can become one. When you like to write, then the chances are that you have written a lot of your life in some way, form or form.

Why it's great to be a writer now

A number of authors may think that today's reader is unbearable. Indeed, it is great to be a writer in the twenty-first-century! They can contact other authors and get their feedbacks without writing a letter or leaving your most confortable desk seat. These are some instances of on-line community that every author should participate in:

The WritersCafe - an on-line library where you can publish your poems, fiction, screenplay, short story and screenplay. Other authors will give assessments and suggestions for your work. The WritersCafe also provides free on-line write trainings. Writer's Digest is one of the largest authoring forums. Schreiben.com- the place where authors of all interests and abilities help to develop a productive typing world.

Compile your free authoring account and share your work with the world. Previously unreleased authors were totally anonym, but not now. The Write Life and Peter Sandeen, for example, proposes the listing of web pages where authors can post their contributions to be public. Freelancing is another way not only to publish your work with little effort, but also to earn income in a simple and enjoyable way.

Some of the favorite places where free authors can now take advantage of their talents include Upwork (Odesk and Elance in the past), FreelancerCareers and iFreelance. Aside from these freelancing plattforms, an author can find a career at NinjaEssays, for example, content authoring or editorials. Don't miss to write ads, quips and letters - the professional vacancies are larger than you've ever known!

You can organize your work much better if you trust on-line applications and utilities that make the write experience a pleasant one. The Daily is a great resource and motivator for authors. They can browse the hints in different sections such as literature, terminology, writing fundamentals, phrases, freelance and more.

Typing or dying - if you do not reach the target of typing a certain number of words within the given timeframe, the utility will penalize you by erasing the work you have done. You can use this utility to improve your motivational and productive performance. The Hemingway Editor is a required on-line resource to be used during the processing of your document.

EssayMama.com is a great on-line wizard that provides expert editorial and proof-reading support for authors as well as typing and inspiring information graphics in its bylog. Check out the free text counter, the write instructions and the quote generation software on this website. The playgrounder is an on-line product that provides you with a detailled copy reporting.

You' re living in the age of the electronic age; advertising happens inline! Write articles and publish them to your audience with ease. eBooks! A number of authors seem to have a weakness for criticism. Earlier on, authors would write to each other and wait for their answers for days and even days.

Today you can contact your favourite writers and get their suggestions. Get your work done more quickly with on-line gadgets and service, and you can share your results with a wider audiences. A writer, a personal teacher of German and a Bloggerin, Julie Petersen presents the newest text and trend in her work.

She currently runs her pedagogical blogs AskPetersen.com and is working on her first e-book devoted to onlineless.

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