Who Wrote Story of my Life

Who' s written the story of my life?

The guitar-guided ballad finds the One Direction singing of a girl who broke their hearts. I' ll leave my heart open, but it stays empty for days. Around the music a story was written - a story about the life of a tree. It'?s the story of my life.

And, as my heart can't forget.

One Direction with five singers was well suitable for the big choir in this central sing.

One Direction with five singers was well suitable for the big choir in this central sing. It starts with a character on the guitars that is continued under the first stanza. There' s a big shift in the level of intensities that goes from the stanza to the choir, and a pelvic swelling works like a border.

At the end of the first refrain, the drum beat is continued through the second stanza. The second refrain is followed by a break down with the vocals and sound guitars ("And I'll be waiting it for this time...."), which acts as a link. At the end of the third refrain, the last line - the track's name - remains empty.

What was the point of being weird when you hear "story of my life"?

Now, One Direction formally published their latest Midnight Memories individual "Story of My Life" on iTunes on Monday (October 28). A part Mumford & Sons and five parts 1D, the song was composed by Jamie Scott, John Ryan, Julian Bunetta and 1D and created by Julian Bunetta and John Ryan.

"Let's just make a tune the boys really like and move this album to a new place." When 1D he added: "They went crazy and ended the track with us. The boys aren't new to the sonic ballad (they published "Little Things" last year), but "Story" is even more folkloric than the effort so far, but Scott says the boys have the maneuver.

"It' s not so difficult because the guys have really good votes, they all have very different votes. They all have such a great tone themselves," he said. "Like, for example, the demos we were playing the guys sounded a whole hell of folkier than they do now.

That'?s the astonishing thing about their vocals (when they tape it), it immediately rings like them." The group really deals with more ripe issues with words like "She said to me in the mornings, that she does not have the same feeling about us in her bones.

We were just trying to make something real," Scott said, "and I think "Story of my Life" really does strike a bargain with those who have been there. Just before the release of "Story of My Life" Niall Horan praised the song and said to Capital FM: "It's up there with the best we've produced, but'Story of my Life' could just take it away.

Scott, who has worked with the boys on all three records, tells why he thinks the boys are accepting the track so well. Up to now, on all three records, there's actually a pair on this album where I felt the same way, but I think I probably had the most fun," he said.

"And I think I probably loved to write this one that we wrote for the guys and with the guys.

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