Who is the Publisher on a website

Who' s the publisher of a website?

Use the template for y. A home page is the home page or main document that is displayed when you visit a Web site. To build a website through Site Publisher in cPanel

Site-Publisher API allows you to quickly build Web sites, even if you have never built a Web site before. Choose the appropriate submission for your site and then type in the site contents that the submission solicits. Might I use Site Publisher? 1 ) You only need a basic website.

2 ) Your website is not yet finished. 2 ) Browse to Home >> Administrative Tools >> Site Publisher. 3 ) Choose a domainname from the available domainnames, addon-domains and underdomains. 4 ) Choose a preset from the available choices. The' Choose a Template' section of this user screen shows a thumbnail, a name and a descriptive text for each available Site Publisher theme.

When you select a site that already uses a Site Publisher Web site, the system preselects the most recent one. 5 ) Type in or refresh the website you want. You will receive a verification email with a hyperlink to your new website. This page is saved in the public_html folder of your user accounts. Delete the standard Folders and Folders associated with the Site Publisher template:

Comes with Microsoft Publisher 2013: Extensive - Joy L. Starks

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