Who can Publish my Book for free

Where can I get my book for free?

The people love free material, so your book will be downloaded. Then click on Save and Next, then on "Save and Publish". Subscribe to the Illustrator Gallery, set up your free portfolio and participate in the illustration prizes. Offer your book for free to as many people as possible. It' s easy to publish an information product on the Kindle Store.

Publishing and selling on iBooks Store

iBooks Author is a free application available on the Mac and on the Apple Store that lets you publish and publish iBooks. You can use the utilities in the application to include images and meta data in a book.

Or you can open.ePub documents that you create in a different application than iBooks Author and then resell or share them for free on the iBooks Store. In order to publish your book from iBooks Author, you must first create a PDF, text file,.ePub or.ibooks book.

In order to determine which is the best size for your book, you first need to determine how you want to use it. Allows you to publish works you make with iBooks Author on the Internet as a stand-alone buying or subscribing game. If you are selling your book on the Internet, it must be in a non-iBook file size (.ibooks).

PDF and ePub are just two non-iBook formats. The iBooks Store is the only way to resell your work in iBooks size. If you make a work available for free, you can share it in any desired formats (including.ibooks) through the iBooks Store or otherwise.

All your permissions on the work that you author in iBooks Author are retained. When distributing your work in.ibooks file formats, it is subjected to the above deployment limitations.

Achieve a 600% Weekly Boost in Amazon Kindle Book Sales

It is a feature by Tristan King, an enterpreneur and author who recently posted his first book on language teaching at the Amazon Kindle Shop. I recently tried Amazon's KDP Select program, a new system in the Kindle Shop that boosted my book's revenue by over 600% in a single sabbatical.

But what if nobody wants my book? "I thought the sign was on the yellow'Publish' buttom. The time had come after 9 month of the letter to publish my book. I received an e-mail saying that I was now online at the Kindle Store.

In the next few business hours my turnover started to come in and I even had a good balance sheet. I can' t get the book into the hand of more people. I' was reading about a programme known as KDP choose, Amazon's loan programme, where they throw a lot of cash and advertising: Paid members can rent a book as part of their membership"; The hook: they must be purchased through Amazon only.

There is no Apple, no B&N, no PDF website selling. Until then I had been selling zero through the Apple iBooks Shop, Barnes & Noble and Sony's Nook eBook Doors. Each and every one of the deals I made was at Amazon. Since I haven't made any purchases on the other plattforms anyway, why shouldn't I try?

I' ve deregistered my book from Smashwords before you could say: "Why haven't I ever been selling specimens about you? "and signed up to KDP Select, which makes my book free for 24 hours. At the end of the first lesson of the "free" promotional campaign, I examined how many specimens were downloading. Yes, they were free of charge dowloads (i.e. I didn't make any cash with them), but I was thrilled because it was a) my book now had the opportunity to help 50 new folks study a third party country langage (that's the whole point!), and b) at least a few folks were interested in what I had to say.

Down 2hrs, 80 counts. It' downloadable about 200 copies while I was asleep. By the end of the 24-hour cycle, my book was loaded 400+ copies - much more than I had been selling in the Kindle Retail Stores for six consecutive years. The book was further download after the end of the free-bie time.

Didn't at the same rates of 20-50 sells per hours, but in the following weeks I had a 600% rise in sell. Let's be clear, we're not discussing Stieg Larsson numbers here, but for me as a first writer and newcomer to Amazon it was a big break and made me smile like a little child.

That'?s what my numbers were: sales: Sells February 15 - February 28, immediately after the KDP Select action day: Since then, unit selling has accelerated further. My own personal experiences show that four things helped to boost sales: 1.

When you won a race and had two options - a $20,000 free or a $2,000 free vehicle, which one would you choose? Before this promotion my book was $7.99. As the Kindle Shop became "free," it was $7. 99 FREE.

That was a $8 rebate during the free periods, as compared to normal book prices of 95c and then free during the promotions (99c rebate). Of course, this does not mean that my book is better than any other, which is cheaper: but it gives the feeling of a bigger rebate.

I' m guessing that this has caused an increase in the number of files that can be accessed. If someone is downloading your book (free or paid), it rises in the chart. For a while, my book was number 1 in the section "Bilingual", although most folks download it for free. That means a whole bunch more folks saw it than when it was down in the dungeon of Amazon's searcheries.

Amazons will not throw you off the chart after your free promotional period ends. To be on the chart when it returned to a payed dowload means more folks saw it and led to more sell. The book will appear in the "People who purchased this book" and "Recommended to you" categories when downloading it, further enhancing its view.

Get more updates = read more review. but a couple of asterisks next to your book make a big deal for Fencing Sitter. Here are some simple rules on how to get a book in the Kindle Store and how to contact the KDP Select programme to increase your turn.

Produce your book (report, exposé, whatever) in Microsoft Office or any other text editor. When my book was ready, it took me about 6 hrs to reformat it according to their rules. Minimalistic reformatting is necessary because the user can enlarge or reduce the text on his Kindle / iPad so that text sizes, page numbers and colored headlines become outdated.

For $80 I bought a picture from iStockPhoto.com, which gives me a licence for up to 499,999 bookstores. Open an Amazon KDP bankroll, download your book and specify the cost. Her book will be available at Amazon in the US, UK, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. At $2. 99 - $9. 99, Amazon gives you 70% and taketh 30%.

Anything else, Amazon will take 65%, and you'll get 35%. Sign up for the KDP choose programme and make sure that your book is only available at Amazon (otherwise your royalty will not be paid!). Be sure to schedule a promotional event to see the effect of free updates on your payed list.

All information about the KDP Select program can be found here. I' ve tried my first free promotion on a day of the week. I tried the second one on a week-end when I thought more folks were lounging on the sofa to browse the Kindle Store. On the second occasion, the total free download was lower, but I saw another big rise in the number of free downloadeds after advertising hours had expired.

An awesome, easy-to-read article by Notes In Spanish about how Ben Curtis released his book (that's what made me do it): Their odometer reading can differ, and the book of each will be different. If nothing else, I think KDP Select is a great way to explore prize points, bring your book into the realm, and have a good time.

It' s easy to publish an information item on the Kindle Store. Tristanâs book entitled ÒConquering Foreign Languagesî is a handy guidebook that explains how to study Hispanic, French, Italian, Japanese or other languages and how anyone can improve their knowledge of the languages by making them part of their daily life. Join our free 6-part e-mail course to find out why freelancing is the simplest way to make online business.

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