Who can I Write to

To whom can I write?

You only need a piece of paper and something to write on, but don't stop. During the pre-computer and internet days I was a productive letter writer. I was forced to keep up with the times. Writing to share beautiful things? Well, then your writing sucks!

Lettering to total strangers can make the whole wide globe a better place to live and be stylish.

So she put pencil on the table and began to write them. Letter to total strangers. No. These were not disappointing deeds about how she felt. It was a lucky letter, all about the other individual, not about her. They wrote slogans so that men would have a "bright day" and told outsiders how splendid they were, even if they thought no one else had known.

She felt better because she knew she could make someone's days with a few brief, cute words. So The World Needs More Love Letterswas was created. In The World Needs More Love Letter, it's about sending mail - not e-mails, but genuine, hand typed news. No traditional romantic epistles, wrote to a true lover, but rather surprising epistles for newcomers.

Not necessarily saying "Iove you", but they are full of friendliness (that's the kind of affection Brencher talks about) - they tell that they are remarkably and especially and completely astonishing to them. It' s the kind of thing most folks don't really say out loud, not even to the folks they really value, let alone to a complete stranger. That' s the way it is.

She' s herself sent literally a hundred, if not a thousand messages. She speaks of a wife whose spouse, a military man, returns from Afghanistan and who finds it difficult to reunite - "So she puts romance notes all over the place to say: Come back to me. Find-me-when you can'" - and a female college girl who pushes around her college just to find that they all write and hang romance notes on the bush.

Today, more than 10,000 individuals around the globe are involved. Sometimes they write to lonesome and depressed individuals who want someone to tell them that everything is okay. I know, however, that if I were on the receiver's side of such a note, it could almost certainly put a big smid.

At dawn I decided to write my dear notes to foreigners, I realize that I have made this journalism student mistakes, to forget my notebook and crayon. Later when I sat down to write my correspondence, I felt stupid and self-confident and I didn't want to make a misspelling, scratch it out and spoil it all.

"I just wanted to say hello in a town like London where folks stay out of the way so as not to be smiling or even noticeable. I' ll end it with some kind of *waves* (though no face smiley) and tell them that I am hoping they had a good time and that even if they had a bad time, that chance touch might have made them well.

" What, let's face it, we'd all like to have someone say. Sliding one onto the couch in the café where I am, I sting eye-catchingly between the pillows, so that the next figure will notice, and let the other fall oh-so-casually onto the pipe, as if it hadn't been me who had even let him on that chair.

It' kind of thrilling, strangely amusing and butterfly-inducing, putting these notices behind me (I'm actually floating a secure anchor from the bicycle, acting like I'm going window-shopping for a few moments, just to see if the one who finds one will be smiling or screwing it up right away).

However, I suppose, as Brencher's experience shows, it really isn't much stranger to take the liberty of writing a chance note for someone with the goal of making your days a little lighter than it is, e.g. tweeting a whole lot of folks you never see or never really know.

You ever write a note for someone you don't know?

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