Who can help me Write a Book about my Life

Anyone who can help me write a book about my life?

It' been a great help for me because I write my own life story. The writing of your life story can be one of the most complex forms of storytelling. You will learn the ins and outs of writing and publishing your non-fiction to use in your business. " Lisa helped me refine my book proposal and maintain my style and voice as a writer. Tru to Life is the perfect guide for beginners and veterans.

Would you rather do it yourself?

So if you are the typewriter who likes to study and write at your own speed, I am inviting you to draw on all these ressources I have designed to help you be an writer, to be an authority, to be astonishing. You' ll be learning the in and out of the process of writing your non-fiction to use in your work.

Included in this complete on-line course are 14 videos, tens of downloaded spreadsheets and tutorials, easy typing and designing materials, a customisable startup schedule, and several tools to help you make the most of your book. You can use your items in this journals as the basis for the contents of your book.

Your book is a present to the rest of the word, telling of your unparalleled knowledge, your own thoughts and your own experience that no one else can state. Writers devote thousands of lessons to write, edit and publish their works just to realise that their work is not done. One of the most ignored facets of publishers is advertising.

The book is the indispensable guideline for writers, editors and journalists to achieve high yields; free of charge. To publish a book is like a very big calling cards for your audience: It presents you, declares your area of specialization and provides a conduit for follow-ups. This book gives you the information you need to put this huge calling card in your advertising armoury to help you become the professional you are.

Did you start to write your non-fiction yet? Do you know for sure why you are even going to write this book, what it is for, WHAT you (and her) should get and HOW you will judge it? After answering no to one of these quizzes, you must be clear about your book notion.

For the book to work, you need to use your book to make it work for you.

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