Who can help me Write a Book

Anyone who can help me write a book?

and I don't have the writing skills, but I have the story. If people say to me: " I want to write a book! "Or: "I want to educate people." What will your book do for greater human dialogue?

That'?s a good question: I' m trying to get a job writing a script and I need help. Anyone who can help me?

I' m trying to make a script, Alex, but I feel gridlock. You know any good writers.... or someone who can help you? So many ways to motivate, teach, entertain and move others. It is certainly a possibility to compose a work. Recruiting a specialist (such as a ghost writer or biographer) to channelize the work for you is another way.

However, reading is not the only way to motivate, teach, entertain and move you. In all honesty, if you find yourself bogged down in your work, I suggest that you ask yourself whether a work really is what you think it is meant to be. I have a few proposals to help you find the assistance you need.

Would you like some easy tips on how to get your own blogs and your own OH SO PRED! about your new album? When you need a practitioner to sabotage your attempts to compose and complete your book: lf you think you're being forced to publish a novel.... please do it.

Also if it's just for your loved one to browse.... or your astonishing little girl..... or your best mate in the whole wide globe... or a fistful of blogs reader & customers who cheer for you. End it.

Will you help me make a script?

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