Which Writer are you

Who are you to write?

Well, if you were writing a book, how about it? We've created a quiz that determines which classics you resemble most. By the time you read this article, you are probably already a satisfied professional.

Who are you, the famous writer? - Quiz

Well, if you were writing a novel, how about it? What writer thought and felt just like you? When you think you have replied wrong, you can always go back to any questions and modify your answers. What writer has his own personalities that shape his works?

Who suits yours?


We' ve designed a trivia game that determines which classics you resemble most. These are the classics we like. It inspires our writings and teaches us more about the trade every day. The authors make high demands on us, and we as a fellowship strive to achieve them together.

Finding out which writer is most similar to us could help us to refine and enhance our abilities a little. What great writer are you? As soon as you discover who your inner writer is, do a little research on her way of writing. Just click here. They work with executives to tell their story in books.

At the weekend she is writing poems and fiction.

I' m writing like

Use this statistic analyzer to analyze your wording and your typing skills and compare them with those of renowned authors. Every text in German is enough: Blogpost, journals, comments, chapters of your books, etc. The creators of I World Like also make a useful Mac application named Mémoires.

Who are you, the famous writer?

Maybe your handwriting doesn't allow for that. Participate in this trivia to find out which styles are most similar to your styles. What is the best description of you as a writer? They have an outstanding vocabulary and storyline as well. D. More fiction or a lesson on how to become a better writer.

It' the mean attitude in your story: To C. Whichever attitude best fits my character. D. Any attitude because it will be a great storyline no matter how you look at it. E. The attitude is not so important to me. D. Fame is necessary because I know that my letter will be sold. D. The use of words is a useful instrument as it will help you write a good history.

E. I' m dealing with words more important than my history. How do you feel about the following phrase? "A. WHAT! He didn't even capitalise the first character and it looks like he only used half a phrase! I' d alter the phraseology, but the attitude seems quite chilly.

D. I' d alter the phraseology, but you have to acknowledge that he has a gift for description. Will you ever be writing about yourself? Not directly, although I could make a personality out of my shadow. I' d also like to post about my relatives and my boyfriends.

D. No. But I make some interesting personalities I know. What kind of spontaneity do you have from a writer? and a. One session is usually all I need. B. It's quite simple to bring my thoughts together, but to write the stories will take a while. Then, over the course of the years I make some reworkings and the final work is always an outstanding one.

Usually I spent a great deal of my spare minute creating stories and characters. E. It may look very spur-of-the-moment, but it actually will take a long pause before all my research and work is completed.

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