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Writing itching, but looking for a quick effect? There is Dave talking about why he likes to write short stories and how he likes to be afraid. Enjoy this beautiful collection of texts from our remarkable students at the Sydney Story Factory. You will learn how to tell your company history, participate in a retreat or workshop, design your business book and write your texts. " Write what you know" is one of the most common writing tips I hear all the time.

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Today's theme is, why are you writing shorts? When I was a kid, I used to love little storytelling. When I was in primary education, I recall finding spirit tales and storybooks, like in children's journals I was reading back then. And I totally love her. but I didn't love her, in a tale anyway, in reality.

In secondary and secondary education I was interested in reading novels with shorts, especially Stephen King shorts. And I totally love her. I' ve always been taken somewhere. I found them easy to get than big long ones, although I like big long ones.

Brief histories have you pack a little faster and they are usually easy to get. If you really loved a little tale and it's over so quickly, you want more of it and you want more from this one. That' s why I like to read them and I' m really inspiration to do it.

I' m writing shorts because I' m enjoying it. It allows us to do things that we don't do with our normal fictions, to be a little more experimenting, or simply to tell smaller tales in a way that doesn't quite work in a book. We can also visit again those character and world we have been writing about in our shows and shows.

There' s not much room in the storytelling world. And even winning writers have a little trouble sellin' shorthand novels because folks usually like to read longer-libraries. Briefer tales give you as a author the opportunity to contact new faces you might not otherwise find. You could try your work in a smaller narrative before they read something more.

That' s why we're doing the Dark Crossing shorts on Amazon. We' ve got these little ones and at the time of writing they are in KDP Select so everyone can find them much more easily. Folks who may not yet know who we are and they see this brief history and they try it and they are like oh, I like that, I would love to see more of that one.

We hope you will find more information or continue to the bigger ones in our work. I like to write shorts just because they work very fast. It' s easy to frighten someone in a brief tale, as against the kind of script in which you have to create excitement and interpret the basic work and everything.

The difference between them is that you get to the flesh of history much faster and have this speed. So the way Sean and I are writing shorts is that we are all writing a shortshot for our Dark Crossings dual features library, which we began this year.

In the past, too, we make our own shorts. Usually we do everything together, but we ourselves are writing the story and not telling each other what it is. I' m Sean my first ever read my little story. I' m happy to do something that'll knock him down.

I' m looking for a slash. And I want to know that he thought it was a great storyline, an memorable one. It' that kind of excitement that draws me into writing shorts. If I did cartoons every single days or three days a weeks, according to when I did them, I would publish a cartoon and there would be an immediate response from the group.

It' a fast thing. It' a fast first person spurt, I suppose. While tales, longer ledgers, they take several month to complete, and you really don't know how the public will get them. It' one of those things where it lasts forever, and it's a little harder to deal with it and keep up that kind of impetus with a longer read than it is a comic.

It' fast, it' filthy, it' funny. You' ll get an immediate reply from folks you don't get in the longer works and I adore it. That'?s why I like to write shorts and why I like to write them. So if you like shorts and you haven't got them in your paper, give them a chance.

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