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The readers will encourage you in this way. inklewriter is a free tool that enables everyone to write and publish interactive stories. As one writes a good story. People are and can be storytellers. Learn more about our tips for short story writers.

Here is a simple guide on how to write short stories, the market for short stories and how to publish short stories.


I have learned what is motivating them to debate their literary ambitions and recently understood how we can make it easy for them to do well. Being a Creator Programmes Manager, my aim is to develop programmes and activities that link, hire, reward and train authors at all levels of their travel - through awards programmes like The Wattys and personal gatherings like WattCon.

However, on a personal basis, I am striving to create the confidence in the fellowship to which I am committed and to create openness wherever I can. I' d like to listen to their feedback: the good, the evil, the joys, the frustration, what we do well and where we can improv. For what are you looking for in stories and how can I take my typing to the next stage?

Become a hobby author and become a pro? I am pleased to open the Writers' Portal, a one-stop store that contains everything you need to get the most out of your opportunities. We have on the lefthand side the best author for author written communities (and some of our own) written by authors.

To the right we have put together our programmes and possibilities to encourage authors' creative and growing. Over the next few months we will be upgrading the author portal with more great stuff from our Creator Relations staff, so check this section to keep up to date. No matter how successful you are, the Writers' Portal will help you.

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Receive your letter! Draw on your own experience and get to know the information that is posted on everything you write. Divide poems, stories and books sections. Funny competitions with money awards. Select from over 50 competitions per mont! Time is tomorrow! The 5-7-5 poetic Writing with a 6-day notice period.

Don't miss the 100 Word Flash Fiction with a 3 day deadlin. All copyrights and copyrights in your letter remain with you. This is a fellowship for authors of all ability grades. Have fun with your letter, our stories say it best: This is where we are over a year later and I have just released my first Amazon movie, "Miss Mabel's School for Girls".

The story of Sebastian and the Invisible Isle is told by a little kid beached on a mystical isle where his only hopes for salvation lie in feudal aliens who also long for home. Published by Amazon!

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