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The digital media are there to stay. Online writing community is bigger and better than ever; a Google search later and you could find your new literary home. Kenyans earn money by writing online. "Debbie Ridpath Ohi writes in Writer's online marketplace, "The Internet is a revolution for writers.

We basically help students to write their essays online.

Writing Make Money Online: 13 Websites That Pays for Article

When you have typing abilities, use them to make online cash. With so many pages to chose from, where should a would-be freelancer begin? Websites that are paying for items usually come in one of two major categories. First, the site spends a certain amount on every click or every click of your contribution.

However, this is not quite as profitable as the second one. They are more likely to make acceptable Money Typing for websites that are paying up front.  These sites are often higher quality and manufactured in their alcoves and are paying you a fixed charge per item instead of pence rolling in from re-v shares Sites.

As a result, they often have a respectable fan base, so you can reach a wider public and not just get a paycheck. Are you willing to make online cash? There are 15 pages for pitching: This page is easy to use: just register here and post your first one! You need to get your item sanctioned, but as long as it contains more than 700 words and is free of grammar and misspelling mistakes, there should be no prob-lem.

Only downside is that you need to request your own Google AdSense accounts, which can be difficult to approve. Heeppages will pay authors by cheque with a $100 or more. At Teckler, authors receive 70% of the turnover of their products or "Tecks". In addition to sharing items, you can also upload video, voice and photo files.

Teckler is best known for its low winnings of $0.50. You' ll receive $0.01 for each opinion your contribution receives, and $0.01 for each comments, such as or photo sharing, and you'll be payed via PayPal once you've made $50. They can make a fortune and it's good to see the pence piling up, but there are many rumours that the site doesn't pay its people.

However, some folks got it from bubblews. First, monthly payment is made with a $5 monthly minimal, not $50. However you will also be less remunerated - only $0.005 per opinion, which must be more than 30 seconds to number. YoutMeLoud is a blogs about blogs, search engine optimization, WordPress, making online and other web related themes.

You place your Google AdSense key on the items and receive payment from AdSense every single payment period. They usually don't make much, maybe $1 to $3 a months, but hey, it sums up, especially if you pub. Go to the register page to log in and upload your final product to WordPress CMS.

There is no need to advertise on this page and you deserve a permanent prize for each one. Rates are around $1. 25 for a 150-word piece, and the minimal subsidy is $20. Notice that iWriter customers do not need to authorize your item - if they refuse it, they will not be charged.

I received payment for about 80% of my submissions, had to re-write 5% and had declined 15%. Great work will help you make more on this site. If you get four stars ratings for 30 items, you become a top author (doubling your salary), and if you meet 30 items with four. five stars ratings, you will treble your salary as an top author.

It is for US residents only, and you must file a sampler when you sign up. Website personnel will check your item and give you a 2 to 5 star evaluation. They can make from $0.007 to $0.05 per words, subject to your evaluation. Deposit is $10, once a weeks, via PayPal.

Site manager, Chris, edits and publishes every item, and you earn a $0. 50 per item, per month. What's that? There is a 500 or more words. As all items are "rented", you continue to own the contents. When you want to post it elsewhere - for example on your own blogs or on another website - you need to notify the Pukitz employees so they can download the item.

Please send us your application as an author. From $50 for fast hints to $250 for full-length online learning and earning work. They can either submit their application via the Write for Us page or find their e-mail and Skype here. So if you can exchange hands-on advice on how to use our technologies, sign up for Worldstart here and you can start earning from $25 to $50 per item.

You are publishing essays on the blogs and in our newsletter on a regular and weekly basis. About. com is the 92th most popular website in the whole wide web and is paying its authors good installments per month. Send an interesting listing of at least 1500 words, and you can make $100 through PayPal. Please fill out this application for a job.

It' probably going to be less than $5 a months. Opportunities are limitless, and top blogs make more than $5,000 a months - although many analysts warn that you should have more realism. View some of the many ways to make cash through your site, such as adverts (Google AdSense, Chitika, Infolinks, BuySellAds), remarks you' ve earned (ReviewMe, PayPerPost, Neoreach), and more.

Are you making a fortune typing online?

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