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Writing books

You have to have something to write about first. Word for Lives - How to create creepy textbooks I' ve been asked to tell you my advice on how to create scary tales. The terror must be handwritten, alone, untroubled (at least by the living). I' m doing scary things about why I wrote everything else. First, I fill my notebook with my own thoughts.

Suggestions in the notebook can go from a whole storyline idea to solving a bug that's been bothering me forweek.

Those memos turn into pages on my computer - yes, I use a computer - and those pages find their way into files that can become book. However, the'ideas' I write in my scary story scrapbooks are often no more. The work often lies in how you get to this end and how you keep your readers from divining where you are going.

Of course they are important, but they are only the beginning and they are never enough to bear a history alone. As with a good gag, a good play of ghoulish myth is about how it's narrated. Ready to revise and revise it until it runs natural.

It is a particularly invented area of fantasy, but it must not seem so to the readers. Apparently - as with all writings - it's a good way to get things from other authors that you can do well and see if you can't find out what they do, what works so well.

Or, if you can come up with something half as scary as The Family of Vourdalak of Tolstoy. I' m showing my prejudice. It is a very broad category and I'm mainly speaking about the discreet grand piano - the black one, with creaky planks and something that twitches and scratches in the shade.

Of course, there is a much more bloodied face to scare. I' m not particularly interested in getting to know him as the point of a novel, neither in a film nor in a text. There is a place for him - and things get bloodied in my tales - but I'm looking for something other than readers and writers.

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