Where to Write a Book on computer

Writing a book on the computer

Pens and paper, computer or tablet. It used to be the first choice for writing. It is now replaced by the computer. Q: How do I set up my computer to write a book? Write book on my computer?

In general, you are sure if your job has nothing to do with writing books.

When I write something on my work computer, does my firm own a copy of the work?

In any case. Everything you do on business hours, with business ressources (which could even be reasoned for their climate control or power), they can state. They had to obtain permission in writing that their then employers (IBM? Hewlett-Packard? any place like this) did not use their work. Said that desktops were a gag, and was freed from any claims to his hobby work.

If you write a book at work and try to publish it, unless you work for a competing publisher, your PROBABLY Employers are NOT trying to assert copyrights. In order for that to occur, they need to see that you are being released, and then try to show that you have done it with corporate assets (time, gear, etc.).

When you use something like Google Docs, Wattpad, etc., it wouldn't be so hard to verify. Even better, if you have your own computer such as a tray or telephone with keypad, or an HDMI key computer, they have a much tougher tie up the work to business resource management, but if they had a few trusted people to tell them they saw you do it that it could be enough.

It' more often about telling a tale than not. When your boss can draw a clear image and sale it to a panel of judges, you might be in deep doo. Conversely, if you have never used corporate assets at all, a business may be able to create proof that you have done so.

Well, if it turns out you're the next J.K. Rowling and you're doing a show and the first book made you a billionaire, they could deal with it. I' ve written a design for my novel, although I used Notepad++ on a PortableApps diskette.

However, profitability is not the reason why I write. I' d refuse an effort to rob my earnings if my work turned out to be lucrative, but to know that I'd loose in the first place wouldn't stop me from doing it.

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