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Or you could start a book and write your review just to find out that its story arc could completely change it. However, writing books today is more democratic and fairer than ever before. Right, you may not get the publicity from Jamie Oliver and you don't sell that many books either. This helped me with all the above, but it also made me learn more and improve my communication skills. Well, how can that be true?

The Essay, Hay Essays: How to compose a script, how to compose a script?

The novelist Scarlett Thomas points out that pain is the essence of the literary processes - especially when you are in the fictional age. One of the authors who also lectures at the University of Kent on the subject of written word processing finds it difficult to write a few words, delete a few words and send them for publication.

Are you sticking to a normal typing schedule? Among the authors of the cycle are the new Royal Institution Principal and Age Experts Sarah Harper, Philippe Sands, the internationally renowned attorney, the historian Martin Johnes and the interpreter Daniel Hahn.

Write a book about Oracle: Arts or sciences?

Today there are more and more Oracle manuals from more and more publishing houses. This number of new publications has just skyrocketed in recent years - almost as quickly as Oracle has released new databases! Print new Oracle manuals almost as quickly as new Oracle databases!

The enormous extension of the new publications also means that there are many possibilities for new authors. Probably all these ledgers are going to be released because there is really a great need for good data base ledgers. How should the prospective novelist begin? This paper examines an author's experiences as he writes a tech paper on Oracle.

If you are an Oracle DBA, designer or developer who wants to write a manual about Oracle (or any other tech topic), I sincerely wish you would find my expertise useful. I' m not claiming to be an authority in the field of publication, but I think my expertise could be useful to you if you are considering authoring a textbook.

I was dawning one afternoons to use this additional amount of free day to do something I had been considering for some while - writing a volume about Oracle Perfomance Tweaking. In contrast to the very demanding novice novices' novels, which are actually only meant for the "guru", I wanted to create one more work.

" I' ve always liked to tune my performances and other databases "Mysteries", and I wanted to show the beginner how to start with the perfomance-tuners. Doña Burleson, publisher of Oracle Internals and writer of many Oracle publications, was kind enough to give some ideas. Estimating that a first volume would take 360 time.

This is the break-down of my real life, which I spend on my work: I am very happy with this book: That means I've been working on that notebook for about 15 hour a week. That' all. It can be a very strenuous task to spend a few lessons focusing solely on your work. I was surprised to discover that it is much more complicated to write a textbook than to write professional articles.

On the one hand, the task is much larger than a scientific paper. Please check this against the letter of about 20 professional articles! A further major obstacle is the demand for technological precision and topicality. I have written a 400-page volume, which is not very large for a reference work.

For the Oracle rapid data base releasing environment, technologies and concepts that are technologically correct in one data base version may become out of date in the next. Some of the procedures and technologies I used had become redundant with Oracle 9i. So I found it necessary to research and record the newer methods proposed by Oracle.

Publishing houses are interested in sell many examples of their work. Many of these well-known contributors are the keynote contributors to Oracle's major nationwide meetings; they attract a large audience every single day they do. Do you recall the saying: "No one but a fool has ever written except it. "1 "1 This applies to both publishing houses and individual contributors.

Publishers are not in the trade of charitable book print; they want to maximise their chance of succeeding. This means either the use of an incumbent name (e.g. Kevin Loney, Rich Niemiec, Thomas Kyte), or the use of an writer who has otherwise proved his literacy.

In addition to the work of the respective community, there are a number of specialist magazines that are pleased to examine articles - including those by newcomers. A lot of well-known Oracle-author applied this strategie. Why should a publishers seriously take the advice of someone who has not even taken the trouble to write a professional work? The publishing house would like to see a detailled suggestion for your ideas before your publishing house can begin a work.

It should contain an assessment of the markets for your books, the expected level of competitive pressure and in-depth descriptions of the chapters. The initial suggestion for The Art and Science of Oracle Performance Tuning I made in December 2001. Even though very supporting, the first publishing house I approached had already signed a contract for a similar work.

Of course, they didn't want to rival their own books. You may want to consider certain changes made on the basis of the reviewers' comment. For me, the editor-in-chief wanted me to think about how to avoid performing well. When you think that your books will make you wealthy, think again.

After you have finished your design of the whole volume, you will start the editorial stage in which you will work with one or more editor (s) commissioned by the publishing house. While they did not say they were super-DBAs, they were certainly very skilled authors. They will then need to check their commentaries and make appropriate changes.

Each page in your textbook is intensively reviewed by a group of folks you probably don't even know. Though my critics were well-trained, I didn't find it funny to subject my letter to such harsh criticism. "Since I was looking for controversies in the textbook, I have not changed this section.

The most useful proposals I found in commentaries such as "I don't know what you're saying". Note that the commentaries of the experts are mostly proposals and remarks on the basis of their own experiences. Seldom are there questions of a more obvious nature than there really is only one right solution.

You' ll have the possibility to write/check some temporary paragraphs, like the introduction, the thanks and the inscription. It is a great challange to create a reference work on Oracle-database. The hardest part of my work on The Art and Science of Oracle Performance Tuning was going through the countless commentaries from the experts.

A vast amount of discerning commentary can test your time. Well, back to the reviewers' commentaries..... Chris Lawson is currently a freelance double taxation advisor and writer of The Art and Science of Oracle Performance Tuning in Curlingstone. It is specialized in perfomance tunings of datawarehousing and finance application.

He is also the publisher of the Oracle Magician on-line journal, which is available at www.OracleMagician.com.

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