Where to Submit Short Stories

When to submit short stories

No, we don't accept poems. Are you ready to send it to[Insert Literature Magazine]? We' re a literary magazine of dark fiction, both short stories and flash fiction. Please feel free to submit previously unpublished manuscripts of any length, from short stories to complete full-page serialization works. Several of them have impending deadlines for submission.

Send | Open Pen

50- 4000 words of short stories. Just a fictional. There' s no poetics. No, we don't take poems. Now, we would be pleased if you would submit your work to us. The one thing we would suggest before you submit is that you take a look at some of the stories we have posted here at Open Pen. It is always good to know what kind of diction a work has.

If it is between 1 and 4,000 words, it is eligible for entry. Submit as Microsoft Office doc or other text files (.pages.txt.docx). Do not submit your work in PDF format. We would like to receive your contributions as mp3s. We' re looking for poems, short stories and everything in between.

I' m not sure if my play is apt. Is there a guideline for submitting? Our only rule is that your entry must be your own work, between 50 and 4000 words (short story for our journal, every letter for our website). May I register with your journal even though I am not from the UK?

Are you accepting poems? Of course we've already done that, but.... I'm sorry, we chose not to put the poems in ours. What is the number of entries in each edition? However, we will try to get the winner and at least one or two runners-up in each edition.

May I submit more than one work? We welcome repeated entries from people. Where can I find out that you got my entry? You will be notified by e-mail when we receive your entry. We will be pleased to forward a note to you if you have one of our authors.

In our author area you will find some information about the awarded writers.

Entries - Lamp light

We' re a literature journal of both short stories and fictional film. There are no subgenres or topics, only good stories. To inspire us, we recommend "The Twilight Zone", "The Outer Limits" and LampLight, Volume 1 Issue 1, which is free of charge. We' re looking for stories that are obscure and fictional; we' re looking for the scary, the crazy and the uncanny.

Stories with the following contents are not accepted: vulva, vermin, zombies, wolves, killer, excessive coercion or sexual harassment, excess misuse of a woman, vindictive imagination, cannibalism, high-picture. In LampLight we have released authors from all over the globe, but not everywhere, not even in all forms and sizing.

You can help us shed a little bit of hope on a wider variety of writings and keep LampLight a window on the best black fairy tale out there by inviting and encourage others to submit. When you have already been to LampLight, please allow for the next part. Accepted original and reprint up to 7,000 words (fixed).

Concurrent entries are okay, just let us know if it is acceptable elsewhere. Repeated entries are not permitted and will lead to rejection of all entries. LampLight has two deadlines: Contributions submitted outside these deadlines will not be taken into account. Submitable is our prefered way of submitting.

Also, we can handle most kinds of files. We can only receive 300 entries per submittable per month. When the following links says: "There are currently no open tenders", then we have completed our monthly bid. They can register again on the first day of the following months.

But if the deadline is met last months, the timer is over! The Submittable is a third part of the website.

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