Where to Submit Poetry Online

Poetry submission online

Underrepresented and marginalized votes are also cordially invited. and the right to permanently archive your work online. Neither in printed nor in electronic form do we accept works that have already been published. Fiction and flash fiction can be considered for online publication. This is great if you are interested in submitting to neologism!

Submitting - The Journal

We' re interested in high-quality literature, poetry, non-fiction, photographic essay, authors' interview and review of new volumes of poetry and forums. There are no limits on the categories or methods of submissions for literature, poetry and non-fiction. Texts that have not been previously made public are accepted, either in printed form or online.

Concurrent entries are acceptable, but please let us know at the moment of entry. Please retract or make a memo using Submittable if your entry was received elsewhere. Multi-registration is not acceptable and will not be used. Before you resubmit, please allow us to respond.

Allow four to six month for a single choice and do not submit more than twice a year. Authors of our printed editions get a one-year pass for The Journal and two editions, and authors of our online editions get a one-year pass for The Journal. Latest articles, please allow at least one year after publication of your work in the Journal before resubmitting it.

Belles Lettres: We welcome all types of literature, even those that contain either experimentation or genres, although we do not usually release pure literature of the class. Since we believe that different votes provide more rich and varied histories, we welcome contributions from all marginalised individuals, include, but not restricted to, those with skin colour, LGBTIA and sex non-conforming, and those with a disability.

Any fictitious submission should be double-line. We' re pleased to look at self-contained extracts from books and long histories, but please be aware that it is not always common for us to release histories with more than 10,000 words. Short storytelling and short fictions can be taken into consideration for online publishing. Papers: While it sometimes lasts longer, we try to reply to posts within four month, and we do not usually post more than 6,000 words.

Poetry: Our aim is to create poetry with hearts (emotional clearness and complication) and minds (theoretical commitment, logics and metaphor that can withstand further reflection, mastering of synergy and diction). Our aim is to publish under-represented parts, and we also appreciate works in which the writer is involved: poetry that proves to be real and necessary.

To put it in simple terms, we are looking for poetry that we would like to continue reading, poetry in which we appreciate new meaning, detail and context every now and then. Restrict the submission of poetry to 3-5 verses in a common paper.

You are kindly requested to submit 6 - 10 works of artwork and a brief biography with your work. You can apply via our online application manager: Submitable online bidding system. Please ensure that you insert your planned piece(s) into a separate. doc,. docx or. pfd file before submit.

Entries should be withdrawn via the online entry system. There is no need to cancel the whole entry to remove a particular piece from a package; just enter a comments on your entry via the tab. The Journal/OSU Press Wheeler Poetry Prize application form can be found here.

You can find the rules for the submission of the Non-Fiction Award (formerly the Short Film Award) here.

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