Where to Submit Poetry

When to submit poetry

He publishes a range of styles and forms, from short lyrical poems to prose poems to longer stories. Get to know the BEST methods to submit your poems. Where and how you can submit your poems for publication! The submission of your poems to these thirty places can be a good way for you to earn extra money.

June, July and August 2018 - Entroy

We are returning this year to an artists work, which we presented in an earlier Where to Submit: Above the picture is "Well Lit Paint #201". The Well Lit Paint is an investigation of abstract art through a mixture of controversy and chance. I have tried to take photographs of the abstract in the whole wide underworld.

I tried as a paintress to record abstract art on the screen. I was looking at my colour chart one of these days and found that the abstract I had been looking for was always under my name. So I began to take close-up pictures of the colors that captured the tiny landscape inside.

Since I' ve been spending more of my life creating the artwork, over 1,000 pictures and still a lot, it was not so much about taking pictures of color as about taking pictures as canvases. Every Well Lit painting consists of a rectangle of two canvases. Shuffle, photograph, remix, photograph, edit on Photoshop, I create the picture.

Every picture is a piece of history and no longer exist on the screen, which usually looks like a slimy confusion at the end of the game. It will help us in the transfer from the editing of the mailing lists. 1 ) a formated collection, as below; and 2) a hyperlink to your submissions policy.

It is not possible to update the actual lists, except in case of errors. Submit a script? Another useful source is the Entropy Small Press Database, a guide to more than 175 small press types, with introductory guides, and more. Time for the 1st June - 1st August 2018 Golden Line Press Chapbook Contest / Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction / $20 / Price: $500 + Publication / Richter:

tongo Eisen-Martin (poetry), Dodie Bellamy (fiction), Eve Ewing and Hanif Abdurraqib (non-fiction), magazines & anthologies: Here is a complete listing of what entropy publishers plan to release in 2018.

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