Where to Sell my Ebook

How to sell my Ebook

Self-publishing allows you to sell and distribute your books yourself. Can I publish and sell my eBook online? Selling 40K+ of my ebook With the release of 100 Day of Growth, the eBook I created with my good fellow writer and co-author Rob Wormley, we have produced 40,000 books and attracted far more attention and sales than we ever anticipated. Would you like to know something that will surprise many a person? We' d already written 500 books before me or Rob had written a whole one.

And we didn't do it because we came up with a bent scheme to take people's cash and escape. We' ve done it because we had to know that there was a fair for this work. It would take a long while to write, and we had to be sure (as much as we could, at least) that it would be valuable that amount of work.

It is not just about safeguarding the resources for the development of a particular project - it is about safeguarding the demands for the project. For this purpose we have made a landings page and a fast artwork (with a stick photo....) Basically we had a minimally usable one. It is remarkable at this point that this volume has not sold itself in any way.

If you already have an public eagerly waiting for the publication of your next volume, I have my doubts. In order to sell 40,000 books, I had to work long times very very hard - what probably every unfamiliar writer has to do (especially if he, like most writers nowadays, publishes himself).

Indeed, a great motivation for authoring the work was to create an e-mail mailing that I could use to advertise the SaaS products I wanted to introduce - although I didn't know what this would be. My goal was to create my own private label, be presented in 25 different presentations and sell 100,000 of them.

It is probably also noteworthy that in the event that someone thinks like me and thinks 40,000 books are not very many - it turns out it is. Of course, this presupposes that your product fulfills many strict requirements, even though it is in press.

You get to sell a few thousand copies, you're gonna be just fine. I would like to talk about something that has had a big influence on our commercial and why we advertised the work. At the time we published the volume, growing hacking was a catchphrase.

So a lot of folks were looking for information on the subject and we were one of the first to put our feet in the doormat. All in all, we meet the right subject at the right moment. It is, of course, more to promote the sale of books than to exploit an impending upswing.

Those are the other strategies we used to push the 40,000 sell. The first thing we did after the release was to include the product in Product Hunt. It worked very well for us (it led to about 2,500 sales), mostly because at that point in the process the Product Hunt books section did not yet exist, so that one could start a product and was immediately on the homepage of the site.

This does not mean that it is not profitable to add your product hunting guide - it is. However, it means that you should start by learning how Product Hunt works and how to make the most of it. We' searched for other keywords and trend themes related to a company's sales and growth, posted around them and used them to direct attention to the book's website by posting them on the 100 Day of Growth blogs.

We' ve talked about a bunch of guys in 100 Day of Growth, so in the month after the publication of the volume, we made sure to get in touch with each one of them and let them know that we'd accepted them. That''s something to think about before you start to write. There are more helpers = more helpers to get out who might help promoting your work.

Don't just give it all and quote to as many folks as you can. Walk too hard on the quotations and it will look like you just "curated" the script instead of typing it yourself. It is also a clever notion to verify the references of the persons you cite. When I was talking about the script, I gave them a free copy and explained that if they liked it, I was open for an interview on their show.

I' ve been answering a ton of grow hoeing related quizzes and making sure I had a page for my eBook in the quiz for anyone who wanted to know more. Back then Quora was in second or third place on Google for "Growth Hacking", which was a great help. However, if you write great responses, Quora can be a long-term resource for constant flow of visitors, whether the subject itself is well placed or not.

I would also ask them to give me permission to view their e-mail list so I can get in touch with their readers via the album. We' re emailing 30-50 times a weeks to guys we thought might be interested in the work, or likely to get some of it. We' ve distributed many free specimens to influential individuals and we've gone to great lengths to get them.

Another side note is that only when the script began to gain momentum and we were making some $5,000 did we decided to put our efforts into professional design. These early sellings gave us the confirmation that this really could be something and that it is profitable to do so.

So far we have already delivered more than 40,000 of them. Probably what interests you more is where these purchases come from, how much we made and what the price of the work is. Most of the rest came from verbal propaganda. That meant that I used the popularity of the script to get lectures and podcasts, which in turn helps me sell more textbooks, help me get more lectures, and so on.

So how much does the ledger make? Altogether about 500,000 dollars - but a good part of it comes not directly from the sale of books, but from things like consultancy business and lectures. Actually, only $120K or so came from books. Indeed, my relationships and the influence of the books on my own private label were much more precious - at least in the long run - than its influence on my banking balances.

Fortunately, the volume only costs $2,500 (more or less) to be made. So, you think you're willing to publish and author your own 6-digit work? One of the reason why 100 had such a good performance is that "growth hacking" was a new approach back then.

That was a catchphrase, and folks were starving for information. Don't delay until your product is on the shelves before you begin to advertise it. Begin arousing interest before you click on Publishing or, like me and Rob, before you even begin to do so. It is not because the work does not yet exists, but because there is no open space for what you want to work on.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to start writing your text in Google Docs or Word and then employ a professional to turn it into an ebook-friendly release (there are many guys who can do this on Upwork). In the UK, for example, the bulk of Amazon ebook purchases are for accounts valued at just £0.99.

Tip: As a rule, customers are willing to spend more cash on accounts to help them make it. Have you got any other hints or knowledge about how to write, publish and promote a 6-digit eBook?

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