Where to self Publish my Book

How can I publish my book myself?

You can upload your independently or self-published eBooks to SELF-e. This depends on whether you count self-published books to get the high-end number. As you publish your book yourself and have the fun and excitement of being a bestselling author - a step-by-step guide to successfully marketing your book This plan is our most affordable plan for the casual writer who wants to see his or her work in print.

Publish Made Easy Book 1) eBook

Alternatively, you would like to have the book checked.


That is the way the inside of the book is interpreted.

and other such issues relating to the inside of the book.

And she wants a picture for the frontpage.

The cost varies in each of these cases.

The book will be released here.

The cost varies according to the author's wishes.

There are other ways of binding the book itself.

We will not talk about the cost of e-book developmen.

That means making the book available for sale.

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