Where to Publish your Book

You can publish your book here

However, this is accompanied by the responsibility of publishing a quality book. With Emerald. BEST COURSE CHOICE for anyone with a book idea and a desire to be published! Recommendations for authors who are interested in publishing their works. The Mondial, book publisher, authors, literature, fiction, non-fiction.

Submitting a book suggestion

At the heart of the publisher's processes is the proposed publication. There are as many different ways to create your own work. These occur in a wide variety of different circumstances, but as a rule a design for a particular type of textbook is put into a "form" suggest. Included in this document is a synopsis of the volume, its objectives, objectives and key characteristics.

It includes the markets for which the textbook is to be published and also the current textbooks that constitute the main competitor to the suggested one. There are various application documents that we have customized for our various prints.

Book proposal process

Learn more about our authoring software and why you should use it. Featuring award-winning work from the world's top corporate leaders, we help organisations and practitioners build on their abilities, expertise and knowledg. We would be pleased to hearing from you if you have an ideas for a particular topic.

It'?s a big venture to write a volume. A lot of writers are keen to immerse themselves directly in their books, but it is rewarding to spend quality free of charge. If you have a suggestion for a specific market, it gives us a clear vision of your projects and helps us to think about possible market opportunities and to achieve them.

It also provides a sound frame for your work on the script and becomes the foundation for the design, contents and approaches of the work. For more information on what you need to do at this stage of the book suggestion preparation procedure, please see our guidelines (pdf).

Once you have submitted your suggestion, one of our specialist journalists will check it and notify you in writing of the result. By accepting the suggestion, we can make drafting proposals before the publisher submits the design for you. When you have made it this far and we have decided to release your textbook, we congratulate you!

We' ll provide you with a copywriting agreement and a staff of writers to work with you on a timetable for editing and producing the work. We will help you every single move and look forward to seeing your books in both printed and e-book-format.

If you are willing to send in your suggested work, please send it by e-mail to the responsible editors, as described in our guidelines for the preparation of the work. That'?s why I released with them again!"

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