Where to Publish Stories Online

When to publish stories online

What is the best place to see a Turkish love drama in Hindi? Two print magazines are published every year and other fiction is published online every two weeks. What do you think is right for your story? On this page we will try to dispel some myths and give some helpful tips and suggestions for authors who hope to make this big leap forward to be published. If a story has been published in printed form outside North America, however, it will be taken into account.

Buy Incspired and publish online

Incspired is a new resource for aspiring novelists, story tellers and reader to unite and inspiration. Essentially, it is a web and portable space that enables aspiring screenwriters and story tellers to write, publish and literate story by story chapters, just like in a TV-show. It is a place for aspiring novelists and tellers and for those who are interested in online stories by freelance writer.

Duotrope.com says there are over 4,800 literature journals today. What do you think is right for your history? I have hand-picked 46 of the best literature journals in their genre in this read.

This is not a full listing of all 4,800 literature journals, but it is a good place to start your research. Visit duotrope.com if the following journals do not match your specific typing styles. It is a great literature magazine classifier and searcher. You can read the Let's World a Short Story! for a full description of how to research and enter it into journal.

Enjoy browsing through all these literature journals! Flash fiction is generally understood as 1000 words or less, although some journals allow up to 1500 words, while others only do not.

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