Where to Publish Short Stories Online

Wher you can publish short stories online

Here is where they are published - and most of these outlets pay. Released online and in printed and digital editions. The CRAFT is an online publication that celebrates both emerging and established authors. Read also the best American short stories. Post great stories and pay authors well.

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It'?s good to hear stories. The online magazine celebrates both aspiring and experienced authors. We are focused on the craftsmanship of the writer and how these items make a good tale great. We' re interested in a powerful fantasy that stands out for its work of art. Featuring new and newly published literature, critically acclaimed plays on crafts, handicraft tutorials, handicraft interview with renowned authors, review books and abstracts, and much more.

The STORIES of Clare Beams, Alice Elliott Dark, Elizabeth Gaffney, Bret Anthony Johnston, Michael McGriff, Melissa Yancy and more. You can find our complete collection on our page for literature. All year round, our CRAFT Feature classes are open to any aspiring or seasoned writer. Our writers are paid a lump sum of $100 for short films and $0.10/word up to $200 for short films.

There are no entry charges, but we are very select in what we want to publish. In so far as the copyright is retained or secondary publishing copyrights can be acquired, we will also consider already existing work. Every article contains an introductory essay by the publisher and a handcrafted notice by the artist.

Authors' certificates are required upon receipt. If you want to see stories already released, please visit our craf fiction page. Submission categories for CLRAFT Fiction: Opening of the new short film award programme. Tales with up to 6000 words, chosen by Jim Shepard. Would you like to contribute to CRAFT? Suggestions for high-quality review books, in-depth discussions and articles on handicrafts will be posted on our website.

To see the types of contents we publish, please refer to our CLRAFT drop-down list. We concentrate our discussions on upcoming title books, and we are happy to check the work of those who are specifically concerned with the handicraft in their work. We are interested in interviewing people who are focused on the art of typing.

Skill Critics can be from 500 to 1500 words and should be made up of a thorough review of an item of skill. The initial publishing right is held by CLRAFT for three month after the release. No part of the materials shall be published, approved or permitted by the author for three consecutive month after the first release of the materials by ARAFT.

Please confirm the publishing in CRAFT for reprint.

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