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Publishing to eSentral - eSentral eBook Publishing We also sell your eBook to the world's most famous eReader shops such as the Kindle Shop and iBooks. We can also create your eBook for eSentral and other eReaders such as Kindle and iPad. Amazon.com, iBooks, Barnes & Noble's Nook Shop, Kobo and many others. You' re collecting 100% of the net revenue that our on-line dealer net pays.

Publication on eSentral means that your eBook will be available at the biggest eBook shop in Southeast Asia. eSentral has eBook shops in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia and will soon expand into other Southeast Asian states. The eSentral eBook platforms can be accessed on the web or downloaded for iPhone and iPad, Android or Cloud Reader (PC/Mac with Firefox and Chrome Web App).

We' ll take the headaches out of eBook publication by providing all the eBook converting, processing, cover designing, print and more in one place.

What eBook publishing platform is the best?

Publish digitally is a vast, all-encompassing universe from e-books and Kindle to videos and tele-seminars. We will continue to focus on ebook publication plattforms for the purpose of the length of this paper and my own individual experience. To publish an eBook, there are three main platforms: Amazon's Kindle, Barnes und Noble's Nook und Apple's iBooks (iPad).

Kinderle is the grandfather (though still quite young to be a grandfather) of E-Bookdom. The Kindle Store still retains the highest e-book sales rate to date - 67% of the e-book retail store. Whilst this figure has dropped to Nook in recent years (it was nearer 99%), it is still a good part of the overall sales volume.

He did a great deal right when Amazon came out with the Kindle: The Kept Kindle cardreader is the cheapest reading device in the world. Amazons willing to take the risk of losing it due to the brilliant pill shopping at the Kindle Store. Buy In-Tablet - If you've ever download a Kindle volume from your Kindle reader, you know how damn easily they make it to buy.

It takes less than 30 seconds from searching for a song (or just browsing) to click the "Buy" tab before the eBook is downloaded to your person. Satisfying the immediate satisfaction mankind wants, Kindle has taken up this desire to sell more e-books.

Samples for free - In addition to the ingenious "Look Inside", the Amazon.com books function, Amazon also allows you to load a samples (usually the first section or so) of an e-book. As soon as you have read the e-book, there is a handy "Buy" icon at the end of the samples. It' really difficult not to press this key, which immediately loads the remainder of the volume onto the Kindle and charges the Amazon issued debit cards.

Included in Kindle authors' 90-day exclusivity package, you can vote at Amazon for five of these 90 calendar nights to give away your e-book for free. Kinderle Lending Library - Another bright move, Amazon Prime, an Amazon Prime member, is a yearly junkie like me who are hooked on for free two-day mail order.

In addition, Prime members can purchase each Kindle track in the Kindle Lending Library (part of the KDP exclusivity) and view one per calendar year. There are still some disadvantages with everything Amazon's Kindle has: "Global " Dissemination - While Amazon's Kindle is a great place for US writers, I recently found that Amazon doesn't serve Australia or New Zealand..... at least not very easy.

The writers in these lands have to leap through bureaucratic hurdles, which quite openly are not very worthwhile if there are other forums. Other 33% - That's the percent Nook, iPad and other people ( "like the almost outdated Sony Reader") take. This is increasing, especially as large major publishing houses are fighting Amazon.

Pricespoint-To keep e-books price-competitive, Amazon a license fee of 70% for e-books between $2.99 and $9.99 US dollars. However it becomes a problem if a work is more of a speciality how to reserve in a high quality alcove or a schoolbook. This is a good policy for your novel or your default workbook.

However, if you go beyond the limits of the "normal", you lose a great deal of the Amazon. There seems to be eager reader who read their e-reader trays for the prime use of..... wow... read, are often novice users. The fact that it has a 25% stake in the e-book selling business is another proof of this.

I see the only edition I see for writers is the attempt to publish a Nook volume directly with Barnes and Noble. They' re not nearly as simple as Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing or even iBooks. At the present time iBooks owns only 5% of the total sales area. This number is also increasing as e-books become more and more refined, better and app-like.

Apple once again sets the technological benchmark with the latest publication of iBooks Author. Although it has the capability to be extremely interactively, Amazon's Kindle still has problems to read cleanly, as they use and favour their own MOBI-Fileformat. Kindle Fire HD was rumoured to have these features when it was launched in 2012, but they were quite still about it, while Apple was quite loud about their iBooks author application.

What is really great about iBooks Author is that the application is free, beautiful, hands-on iBooks are created, user-defined scripts are allowed and an otherwise simple e-book is brought to live. iBooks Author has the biggest disadvantage that it is only available on the iPad. Yet, as more writers use this stunning implement and cause higher value e-books, iBooks will probably increase in popularity. ├┐This is one of the reasons why iBooks is so popular.

Until Amazon gets a whiff of this concept and creates its own Kindle Fire HD application. Publish where? When your first and foremost your favorite eBook is for the leads generating a great calling cards, or a basic e-book, embroider on Amazon's Kindle. So if your primordial goal is to generate leads, a large calling cards or a basic e-book, stay with Amazon's Kindle.

Kindle textbooks are also popularly thought to be legible on any devices, with iPad, iPhone, Nook, PC and Mac with the Kindle Reader Apt. However if your work has a broader public (or you are in Australia or New Zealand) and you know that your public favors Nook or iPad and buying through Barnes and Noble and Appleunes, look at a feature like BookBaby that will get your work on all major social networking sites, up to and beyond Kindle.

In case of any doubts, test your e-book for Kindle first. As soon as you are satisfied with the sales you get, and if your audiences ask about it on other decks, upgrade to Nook and iBooks.

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