Where to Publish a Book for free

You can publish a book for free

To alleviate these headaches, our publishing partner Spiderwize has compiled a guide that you can download free of charge. So what did they call it? Her books are published on the Kobo website for millions of readers. It is a professional approach to content continuity. All newspapers, magazines and large websites use style guides.

Publish a book on Amazon itself

I' m using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It will be available to readers around the globe within a single business hour. It' totally free and you get up to 70% commission on your sale. Publication lasts less than 5 mins and you can make changes to your book at any moment.

No Shakespeare or Stephen King is necessary to become a writer, and no annoying publisher to publish your book. I have now gone through the procedure over 12 occasions and recorded each one to show you how to publish a book yourself.

Just complete these below and you will have your own book by the end of the day. In order to get you going, first you need to set up an Amazon Kindle Direct publishing bankroll. This allows me to publish my book for free for a select time after publication, which will encourage Amazon to continue promoting it and help me to set up my e-mail mailingist.

Type your book name and subhead. Explain to your book's readership what it's about so they know what they're getting out of it. To earn points, use key words that your reader is looking for to improve your odds of being found. There are 5 more hints for your book.

It is the first true foretaste of the contents of your book, like the flap text on the back of a print book. Ensure that it is well spelled out, interesting and instructive enough to give your reader a good understanding of what your book is all about. If you are the copyright holder of your book, click here to check this.

Up to two different book types can be selected. Select them with care, as they will help your reader find your book. Usually I opt for classes basing on competitive scores.

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