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Writing short stories

Com accepts submissions online and by mail. You can read last week's article about short stories here. Over Blog Big News on short stories. Just publish your project to receive quotes. The guest contribution today was written by Jeff Somers.

The best site to post short stories: Write

Tumbler is better for pictures than for stories. Folks may be looking there for invention, but it is going to get wasted in all Doctor Who/Sherlock gifs and just and just soilies. bloggers is better, but it still means that you need to spread your stories on your blogs. The best way to do this is to post your own stories.

Disadvantages are that there is a very special atmosphere to Wattpad - mostly teenage-oriented, psychic things etc. - I am writing this kind of para-normal imagination that goes down pretty well, but it might not be the best place for all of them. But then I have a tendency to only post things I'm lucky with and not things I want to criticize because I have other places where I get reviews, and I don't want to look like an imbecile (although I'm still one....).

But if you want to be remunerated and get into literature groups, you will get your stories posted in journals. Don't post them on-line (because only if your stories actually go viruses or win tens of thousands readership are editors interested in purchasing the right; in most other cases they want the stories to be unreleased, and in the situations where you have a hotshot object on-line, they will come closer to you, rather than the other way around).

I' m still on the self-publishing site, but there may come a time when I am optimistic enough to try to get professional publication.

Short History of 2017 Winter: It began as a play..... Young Mail

That is the winner of the Young Post Winter Short Stories 2017 Competion. Watch out for Young Post's next short stories contest this year! Began as a play. It was Jack who had fallen deeply dormant, enveloped in his blanket of dinosaurs as the sounds of muted screams pulled him out of his thumbs.

Jack closed his eye to cover everything, but it didn't work. Confused, he glanced to the right to see his older elder elder Andrew seated erect in the sack. Jack snuck into Andrew's room and needed to know that everything was okay. This is Jack. He's getting close.

A last look at the wood doors that separates them from the outside world of the sacophony brought Andrew Jack into the house. "I' m scared," Jack whispering as if things were getting noisier. "Oh." Jack was listening again. "Well, I suppose we have to be playing a game," Andrew said conspiratorily.

"We' re the ones who can beat the fearsome beast, and the King and Queen will give us candy! "Jack shouted ardently. "Sir Andrew then uses his shields to dazzle the kite, and Sir Jack leaps up and pricks him right into the belly! "Andrew accelerated his speed towards the end and fell drastically onto the cushion to demonstrate the kite's deaths.

"He poured out all kinds of candy and liquorice and sweet marshmallow, like a... like a..." Jack groped at the cliché. "screamed Andrew. With a drowsy yawn, Jack smiles at the picture his sibling had described. By morning, the creature had disappeared, as if it hadn't been visiting anyone.

Yet, during the night, the beast came back. Sneaking into his brother's beds, Jack lively began to chat about the second part of the knights' adventure. Andréw had just walked into the room and closed the back doors softly. Frothy allegations that could be heared through the wall began to form into a beast.

The older guy limped to his bedside where Jack was awaiting. "Now I think the monsters should beat the creature by shoving it into a volcano," Jack proposed. "Andrew, twitching, leaning his skull against the headpiece, bruising on the throat, just barely noticeable, crawling out from under the T-shirt.

Inquiringly, Jack gazed at his sibling and tried to decode his cacophony. Not feeling what was going on, he flinched his shoulders and began his tale of the knights' bold adventure of mountainsclimbing, troll battling and bravely vanquishing the beast with many adorable reward. Whenever a particularly noisy sound from below made them bounce, the brethren comforted the heroics they accomplished in the match.

Andréw began to snooze as steps rattling on the rusted hinge rushed out the front doors. Andrew sat up straight and intuitively covering Jack with his own torso. Noisy steps increased as Jack recoiled, and the young anticipate the monster's coming and paralyzed them with a scare. A deafening scream halted the beast in its wake, and the sounds of her Savior who distracted the beast caused relief but still awe.

It'?s gone. and was ashamed to obscure his six years of finite wisdom. Shouldn't he be beating the beast? Andréw giggled weakly: "Where did they get the magic saber? "Jack answered warmly. "Andrew sits up and ignored the way his blue spots arched on his hide. It was Andrew who was severed by banging her doors shut.

And Andrew showed up and protected his little boy from the monstrosity. It was Jack looking over his brother's shoulders, his need to face the beast that had plagued her night for so long and overwhelmed his bone-deep scare. So all Jack knew was that he wanted to get out of the terrifying creature so he could play the part.

He was not recognized by Jack as the thoughtful character who throws him on his shoulder and chases him around the yard. He was trembling, his lower lips were shaking uncontrolled. That couldn't be his dad, no, no, no, no, no, it wasn't right, Jack thought, the beast should be a big drag on, or a mean pair of trolls, not a man wearing his dad's face.

Meanwhile, Andrew looked at the beast in front of him with contempt. Well, the beast has returned the favor. Andréw waited for the strikes, because what was added to his group? Her mom tried to withdraw the beast once more to stop the horrible scene that was happening right in front of her face.

It was a heart-rending instant when monsters mocking mouths bent upwards. It was Jack who didn't see what was going to happened. How could he defeat the beast? He could sense spiky teardrops, but he had no free rein because Andrew quickly shoved him aside and faced the beast.

He had both legs on the floor, his muscle was tense, and he kept pushing the beast back. Their mothers took the chance to pull the fleeting beast out of the room, and without looking back, the doors closed behind her. And Andrew took his brother's side. He was coiled on the floor, his hand fleecing his burning cheeks.

Then Andrew took his sibling to his bedside, softly put him in the blanket and shared a story with him about the chivalrous Sir Jack, especially as he froze his cheeks. On the next day, under the protection of the pitch-black skies, the mom drove the young out of the home while the beast was asleep.

And Andrew said to Jack that escaping from the monster's den was the last part of the series. When the dazzling lamps of the bedrooms came to light, the inevitable roaring of the motor alarmed the beast. Stains like the contusions on Andreas' throat and Jack's cheeks would eventually mend.

So the last phase of their play was finished.

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