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In addition, the text of the piece must be included here in the body of the post. Q: What is post-linguistic poetry? Wellcome to Poetry Posts' website. Picture by Marion Michele on Unsplash. What about a swing?

You have to be an artist. Get your creativity going. Let us inspire you!

I' ve got a vision, strong words from Martin Luther KingWhen he was standing in front of a big crowd and expressed his perfect future..... Because you undermine the content, sexual intercourse is an outdated picture, something that has become insignificant, mere objectivation is nihiillism....... I' m as dull as you are, weary of the same old shit, weary of TV, weary of the web, weary of parrot and mocha?

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I' ve been a professional journalist and author and writing trainer for ten years for ohhhhhhh forever. I' ve put together this set to help newcomers give feedbacks. There are two purposes to this exercise: to help you enhance your observational skills and to help others comprehend how their poetry affects their reader.

The following paper deals with some of the most frequently asked question about the mod' response. This poetry forums will be a serious place for unknown readers to tell you what works and what doesn't. It' not often in your lifetime men will tell you what they really think.

Today's guideline, instead of giving feedbacks, is how to get the most out of your own work by getting the most out of it. You' ve done it, you' re taking charge - but whatever they say, don't take it personal. To the point: If you want to get the most out of all this feed-back, you need to ask a few Q.

Perhaps you could take down some of your responses to these later. I' m constantly seeing statements and doubts and notes by authors with their poems - and I appreciate the need to protect yourself from critique, believe me - but if you do that, you will draw people's artificially in a way that the poetry itself does not.

Keep your statements and misgivings until the debate after the read gives your reader room to appreciate (or not appreciate) the letter on their own conditions. When they miss the point completely, that's great - seeing how folks miss the point is still a kind of feed-back. There is no need for upvoting.

It' s also not like publishing a textbook, you get a footnote at the beginning: "Please don't be too hard on me when I wrote this text, my kitten was operated on for her EHS (Engorged Hairball Syndrome) and my boyfriend kept sending me corpse, and all my grandmothers dyled.

If I work with someone, I try to find out what their goals and intentions are before I start reading something. I was in that theater store the first goddamn show I ever put on. If someone gives you feedbacks on your letter, they give it from a useful point of view outside your own mind.

Like I said, your reader is always right about how they think about your poetry. It is how they are feeling, isn't it?) Your reader won't be charged with any fears or confidentiality you have about your own letter. Even if you think they're far from the stage, they still took some fucking quality perseverance to try to make you look good on stage.

Unravel your answers to these issues. As soon as you have received one or two comments, this is your opportunity to ask your public a few more related snippets. Specifically, you want to ask open issues in such a way that they do not result in an agreement.

There are three main causes for this question. They should also press their reader for everything they have said that is unspecific. Here I often get my best feedbacks, and it is often from those whose first comments are something like "I dunno, it' s good/bad, the stream was cool/sucked". Where do you mean by the river?

Issues like these make you both think about page typing with greater clearness and profundity. Trying to type, try to quit twice, give up, get down, get down, yell, make coffees, make disjointed things for a few nights, get frustrated, get up and record a great way to solve the issue, just to see later in the morning reading your half-awake scribbles to realise that it's crap to take a snooze, reread the feed back and be upset about how miserable you are at everything, type something that you think is crap, but a lot...

I' m trying to interpret what I have unwittingly typed, as a first-timer could ("without expectation and without despair"). There has been a lot of great feedbacks lately, so I just want to call /u/AinoKalevala, /u/SCOTSIRISHLASSIE and /u/kgaus27 to create rooms for an exquisite dialog about poetry. I think inspiration from the havenbox went on a fierce feed-back thing a few nights ago, and I urge everyone to review through their reviews - I keep learning a lot from them.

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