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A step-by-step guide to making and binding a book with the simple Japanese bookbinding trick, in which a single volume holds everything together. This DIY tutorial shows you how to make a book with a coloured pencil hinge! I would if I could wave a wand and get everyone in the world to make books. As I can't, I do what I can to make bookmaking easy, accessible and entertaining. Do you need help deciding which tool to use to create your book?

Colloquium - How to make a book fan

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Not only does this book-lover look nice, he is also very simple to make and actually quite practical to have! It is able to keep visiting postcards or small pieces of mail in general. It' also very useful to keep the pieces of papers you collect over the years; you know the ones you want to get away, but keep'just in case you need it one day'?

How to do it: 1. find a hardcover book, ideally one you no longer want to see - it is always good to reuse it! Find out where the center of the book is. When the book has 500 pages, open it on page 250. Working from the center pages outwards: half-pleat each page in the center of the book.

Pleat fifteen pages on one side, then alternately and the other. Ensure that the wrinkles are crispy and beaded. That' s all - a great outcome for something unbelievably simple.

SUMMARY 1: Book Information

Book information (title, name of the writer, etc.). On the Book Information page, you can modify and enter important information about your book: name of the book writer, date of publishing, editor. Allows you to browse, modify and organize the content of your book. Attach and manipulate sections and parts as you like.

Or you can customize the look of your book by modifying the topic settings. Select whether you want a directory, whether you want to add chapters numbers auto-add, and some other things.

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