Where to go to Write a Book

Go where to write a book?

Would you like to visit the place where some serious literary heavyweights have written? Tales often come to life if you don't concentrate on them. Think of how your book would look on a shelf. Giving your book a real chance to develop and move on to the next step. One cannot go on a journey without a map.

Thirteen inspiring places to write (This is not a café)

You need a good place to type before you start writing a good story. Perhaps you are a novelist who needs a quiet, trouble-free workplace to fully unleash the creative power of your mind. I' m writing my best things in my bedroom, dressed in jogging pants, with my favourite spotify play list singing through my loudspeakers.

If you write at the same place, perhaps even at the same hour, it can mean that in most cases there is a cab fever. 2. If you think that the letter becomes a choir - just stir it in your restaurant. Unknown background and new charms can be the keys to refreshing your work.

Fresh minds, interesting thought-provoking experiences and an out of the ordinary world. Leave your comfy area and get in sync with the mood of the room, the crowd (or the absence of it), the climate, the building, whatever - and let it freshen up your fire. Whilst many authors favour cafes, we should not be too clichéd.

Find your new favourite place to type that you own. Lettering beauty: you can virtually type anywhere you like. Here are our favourite commercials without a café: Situated in a bustling urban garden full of chatty couple and feral children, or a peaceful place off the well-trodden paths, immersed in feral flower.

Watch what pushes men into certain shops, what occupies their groceries and how humans mingle. Think of how your story would look on a shelve. Here there are virtually a billion opportunities for inspirational ideas. It' a little cliche, but what author doesn' t think of relaxing on hot sands to write his work?

Be lulled into a recording of the repeated rush of an oceans (or a sea or even a stream - whatever is most comfortable). Studying painting, contemporary to and including the Rennaissance, and everything in between, give your mind free rein to what is concealed in color and linen. No bustling dancing nightclub on a mad evening - we are speaking of a cool meeting place where the natives like to tell a few good alcoholic-story.

Grand parents, or just your preferred older ones, have the best tales and experience to share-and probably a range of sugar candy to force your imagination. Writer, where do you like to write?

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