Where to get your Book Published

You can publish your book here

If you have a Frahlingen (whose main task is to sell your raw work - your manuscript - to a publisher) who submits your material in the format best suited for the publisher. They can say: "My book was published by the Big Company. Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published came a. At the end of this year and a half, the publisher may decide not to publish your book for any reason. How soon will you be ready to publish?

Advertise & advertise your book conference

Publication timeframe? When you' re willing to find an agency and present your product on the market place, join our fellowship of authors, agencies, journalists, marketing and PR experts at this one of a kind one-day conferences to publish your work! When you have a finished product or are working on your design, don't miss this chance to find out more about our publishers, establish your networks and prepare for the next steps in your work.

We are currently scheduling the timetable and attendees for our sixth annual "Publish and Promoting Your Book" in 2019.

<font color="#999999999999">Subventions et contributions des auteurs .

Our editorial staff will be pleased to advise you on your suggestion and suggest the best way to make it. We proudly handle emoluments, subsidies and copyrights payment in a highly proffesional manner. Several of our titles are funded by the Welsh School. Some more specialised type of book (e.g. locally -interested books), however, are hardly paid without a surcharge.

We can charge an author's fee for this kind of publication in return for an appealing publication agreement in which we offer the writer a higher fee than customary and an obligation to maintain pressure. They will be printed under the regular Lolfa label and sold as before.

Publication of your textbook

Useful if you have already created a high-resolution jacket. Our customizer can turn it into a print-ready album. Printing envelopes can be particularly complicated because they have the front, back and spines and are specially adapted to the bleed sizes and page numbers of your work.

For more information about the other things you need to release separately (editing; distributing in e-bookstores, print-on-demand and directories; direct mail campaigns; direct mailings, etc.) please review our free e-book, The Indie Author's Guide to Self-Publishing.

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