Where to get a Book Printed

How can I get a book printed?

Letterpress with Easy Online Instant Book Printing price offer for publishers & self-publishers. Written by Simon Thomas for the Bodleian Library. His first book printed in Oxford was Arch. The leading international book printer for publishing houses in New Zealand. They are rarely used, especially in formal situations.

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Perhaps you just want to run a copy to see how good our prints are? Perhaps you just want to know how good it is to have your own book in your hand? Perhaps you only want one copy as a gift? What ever the need is to produce a copy of your book is not only a way, it is an unbelievably simple and - thanks to this particular deal - extremely economical.

Every cut and every cover....full-color inside...whatever. It' also really nice and straightforward to do. Simply use our basic on-line ordering application to choose your bleed sizes, number of pages, bind options, etc. Her book will go into full commercial today.

Text Format and artwork are available at an extra charge, but are not part of this $19 promotion. For more information on how to set up and submit your file for publication, please feel free to read our instructions for preparing your file for publication in PDF format. Orders must be placed on-line through our website to be eligible for this promotion.

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Letterpress can be a complex job. We' ll give you everything you need to make the printed book of your dreams: You don't know where to begin? Find out what goes into making your book, from envelope styles to stocks of papers. Learns how. Do you only need printed textbooks? I even warrant it.

I' m behind our best-guaranteed books and publishers' books and service.

You can order a short print of your book at 4 locations

Today's short-run printers are aimed at self-publishers, providing easy-to-use book artwork and amazingly fast turnaround times. "and you can switch providers at will." Amazon's Print-on-Demand (POD) arm, sends you 1 copy or 1,000.

No need to share the book with them - just release it "privately" to discuss with your editors, playing with your covers or keeping it to yourself. You also make a fairly good colour print. You have downloadable artwork to help you create the book's covers and interiors, and they're inexpensive.

Once you're done, your book is instantly available in the world's biggest bookshop. Forty-eight Hour Boks only print small editions of titles. Your artwork is simple, inexpensive, extremely convenient and the print is great.

They' re more costly, but if you are going to produce a high-quality, full-color book on heavy material with really banging colours, they are a better choice than CreateSpace. Of course there is no book sales at BookBaby, but since they are constantly extending their offer, I wouldn't be surprising if they would offer it soon.

Much of the information in How to Self-Publish Your Book is cute: this is the first and sweetest version: Practical instructions for the creation and distribution of your e-book or printed book.

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