Where to find where a Book was Published

When a book was published

For books, not magazines, the place of publication is required. Please use the first city listed or the city in which the publisher's headquarters are located. Under normal circumstances, the best way to answer this question would be the simple past tense: "When was this book published? CreateSpace is Amazon's own service to meet this need. Is the working title important?

In grammatical terms, is this sentence'When was this book published' accurate?

The best way to ask this would be to use the straightforward past tense: "When was this book published?" That is because the basic past form is used when we refer to a certain period in the past. Note that the response to such a query would normally use the basic past tense: "It was published in 2001, for example.

But if the questioner knows that the book has been published (and re-published) several republications in the past, the contemporary form of the book can be asked: "When was this book published? "When were the opportunities for this book to be published?" To prevent this wrong implying, I must use the present form in the matter.

It can also be used with "when" in a context where the questioner challenges the other individual and implies that the act asked for never took place. An implicit (and expected) response is: "Never. Of course, this does not hold true for the book, because we knew that the book was actually published, otherwise it would not be called "this book".

So in order to respond to your query, the phrase is in grammatical correctness, but it would be used in very seldom cases. It'?d be odd if someone asked about the publisher?s story of a book. The most common one is: What is it? "It was published when?" Are these answers still up to date?

They can ask a question: That' a beautiful thing to ask. After this book is published, I will have a party, but your "Apostrophe is for underlining" makes me ask what you are trying to do. This is a correctly grammatical issue, and it is indeed possible that present perfect continuously is used in this way with the verse publication.

However your query probably does not mean what you believe it means, and you should probably be writing when this book was published? instead. It is not possible to use every verbs in this way with present perfect continuously, but it is the concept of which the verbs tell, not the VERIT.

Certain operations, such as Publishing, may report repetitive operations that sound inconsequential or incorrect. They should probably be writing when the book was published because that's the way the book works. It' more likely that the book was only published once. It' more likely that you want to know the year of publication of the book.

We' re not talking about the fact that new editions of a book are published very often, so the perfection of the present is probably better. A response to "When did this book come out?" could be: Your questions imply that the questioner knows or assumes that the book has been published more than once. One related issue, "When was this book published", suggests that the questioner wants the answers as a date, e.g. "It was first published in 1923".

When you ask a query that starts with'When', this excludes the present perfection ('was published'). This is because the present is a present form and cannot be used for a certain period in the past. When" asks for a certain period in the past, and therefore one must use the easy past.

"When was this book published?

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