Where to find good Writers

When to find good writers

Finding new and good authors (Best 5) So you' re looking for a novelist. That' s why you don't want a novelist who can write the way she or he just wants to get it over with. And honestly, you won't find too many of these guys on sides like Odesk, Elance and Guru. {\*Even if you find them, it's quite likely that their abilities are valuable much, much more than $5/hr.

You' ll make better use of your free day to find authors in places like this: Except you are a novelist yourself, you probably won't go near these pages. Because what use would you have for your blogs like "How to Smash Writer's Block to Bits" or "How to Schedule Your Wateringime?

Authors usually look forward to websites like The Life's 100 Best Websites for Workers for their everyday dosage of typing advice. From time to time they send one or two visiting posts to these pages so that they can include a fistful of items in their portfolios and show the rest of the globe that "writers" are not just a insignificant insignia that they swing around for fun.

Apart from (guest) contributions on the authors' web pages, the authors can also be lost in the commentaries on these web pages. Contrary to most, these commentary paragraphs are usually well moderate, so there is little to none of the customary Vitril found in these places. In addition, the authors have back to their own sites - either through their user name or a commented back page that has been recently published as"(user name) (blog posts title) - so it won't be hard to review their things and write them a line.

Okay, maybe it's not in your wheel house when it comes to "how to spell when you don't want to write". Perhaps you want someone who speaks less about typing and more about..... a non-writing thing you want to do. If so, Google "(your niche) + blog", and see if you can find all the good links from there.

So if you already follow a blogs in your alcove (which you should do, by the way!), you may already have an author you notice in some way. On the other hand, maybe the author you want is not available. This can be quite a disappointment, not to speak of a testimony of this writer's abilities (why else would he or she be in demand?).

All you can do is ask this author if he or she knows someone he or she can dispatch your way. Incidentally, it is a good indication when an author can or wants to direct someone to you. This means (1) the author does everything he can to help customers, even implicitly; (2) the author makes the necessary amount of hassle and trouble to associate with others, which is a fundamental but invaluable marketability; and (3) you have made a good customer experience to justify recommendations to those the author loves and understands.

LeftedIn is not the only place to find authors (although it is certainly one of the best places). Experienced authors also create Facebook pages, Twitter account and even Google+ pages to inform users about their work. Entering "Freelance Writer" in the research bar of these online networks is sure to give you a good clue.

Or browse Facebook groups, use Twitter author hastags, or write a piece about your need for an author. "Wherever there is writing contents, there are authors. "Remember, while you're searching, and you won't give up so easy if you've been on line for a few hour and still haven't found "the one".

Authors have a hand for being in the most unlikely places (because, hey, we're a funny bunch), so keep your snook out. You never know when and where these guys might show up! Searching for the desired author at the above locations may require more time than you are used to.

However, if you can find this author, your effort is nothing like what the author can get to your table: more website trafficking, greater client relations and above all a great increase in your self-confidence as an employer. You got any tales of good authors and how you found them?

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