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Software Internet Security Purchase Guide. Web security software is critical to protecting you from viruses, malware, spyware, fraud and more. Frequently asked question What is your licensing scheme? Do I have to make additional payment after purchasing a licence? Can I save many documents?

Can I upgrade my licence? Are you offering customer support? They can use the versions of the programs you have purchased forever without having to pay anything more.

Do I have to make further payment after purchasing a licence? A few extra benefits we provide are charged so you can select the best possible solutions for your needs without having to pay for things you don't need: When you purchase a permanent licence, we do not extend anything for you.

When you later opt to extend "renewable" subscriptions yourself, you will have the possibility to do so. Purchasing and receiving the products is done on-line. When you click the "Buy" pushbutton on the price page, you can select the most appropriate method of financing for your particular circumstances.

Once you submit your order, you will be sent a PayPal checkout page where you can make your payments. It is important to remember that unlike other methods of paying, you do not have immediate control over the product, as orders can take up to several business hours. You can only use this method of paying for business clients.

At the end of the 30-day deadline, you will be refunded at your own option, e.g. if you have experienced problems, and despite the help of our client services we are unable to get the software to work for you. We grant a 10% rebate for extensions if you extend for 2 years at the same time.

Limitations of the evaluation versionThe evaluation edition has almost all the features that are available in the Business Edition. The full license allows you to export up to 2,000 pages into each one. You can process all these in the Business full license package. You will not be able to post new releases after this time.

When you buy the full program it is not possible to transfer your old evaluation versions to your new one. Can I save many documents? Upgrading as many as you like to your own publication to your own server. When you want to load into our cloud instead of your own web site, that's what matters.

You can have 3 releases on line at the same year ( "renew for the first year to use our cloud for the second year"). When you need more than 3 releases, you need to change your maintenance agreement to'Support, Updates and Unlimited Cloud'.

Can I upgrade my licence? It is our point of departure to provide you with the best solutions for your needs. Are you offering customer service? There is 24/7 on weekdays and weekend only. As a rule, we respond to every customer inquiry within one hours.

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