Where is the Publisher Located on a website

How can I find the publisher on a website?

Sites and Web pages cited in MLA Styles Quoting web sites and web pages can be difficult. Some sites and web pages do not have all the necessary elements. These are the parts you should be listing if you can find them. You will find sample quotations at the end of the page. However, not all web pages and web sites contain the name of single (personal) writers, journalists or compiler.

Start the quote with the name if there are no writers. "This is usually located at the top of the page and can also be at the top of your web page. For example, the "Johnny Depp" item on the website of the CDC' s website or the "H1N1 Flu" page on its website.

If you are quoting, enter the name in" " " (quotation marks). As with the name of the page, it is usually at the top of the page and can also be at the top of your web page. Sites are a compilation of single pages - for example the International Movie Database, the Occupational Outlook Handbook, The Daily Show or Wikipedia are all sites, not pages. after the domainname and thus come home. http://www.imdb.com is an example of a truncated or "home" URL.

Do you want to find out about the institution of higher education, authority, economy, etc. that is in charge of the website or publishes it? These can often be found in the copyrights notice. If you are quoting, use n.p. for "no publisher" if you cannot find this information. When there is a copyrighted date, it often appears in or near the copyrights notice.

If you create a quote memo in this order, it will be the date, time, year. Do not use n.d. for "no date" if no date of release is specified. GwG names web sites as "web publications". You use " Web " as a publishing media when you create quotations for web sites and web pages.

They should always be able to cite this! While MLA no longer needs web adresses in quotations, it proposes that you insert them anyway, as your teachers may still need them. The following samples show the right sequence of quotation marks and the right punctuation. Note that MLA quotes also need indenting.

This is the web movie database. This is the web movie database.

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