Where do Writers Write

Mm-hmm. Where do writers write?

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Mm-hmm. Where do writers write? See for yourself.....

I showed you where I write my textbooks last months. I had many pictures of my backyard where I dream and hesitate a great deal while I pretend to work. I had worked for years on the computer in the open house's primary lounge and took over a small room on the upper floor.

It' s great that I have a closed front doors; I really enjoy that my eyes are on the woods and part of my wooded gardens; I really like that I can see the Christmas trees from a bird's perspective during my vacations.

That little place is just a part of my sleeping room, not a real "office", but it's my favourite place to write. and my man took me by surprise when we were moving in. Since I like my typing area to be neat and tidy, free of paper and mess, this is the ideal place for me to clear my mind and write - especially as the views of the waters outside the windows are quite amazing.

It' the ideal place to get inspiration for a yacht charter! That is my "Mom Cave", my offices, the place where I can flee, the room where I write at least something every single second. I' m not just full of my favourite novels, but a dozen of brands and memorabilia from my peers and readership that I find inspiring when I look at them.

I am most inspiring when I can write outside, in the midst of flowers, honeybees and cats. I have an additional room in my house on the west side of New Jersey, about six leagues from the Delaware River. My favourite thing is the view over the back yard and my bow-shooter.

In the past, it was my desktop that pointed in the other direction until a dear colleague pointed out that I missed the look. Both my puppies often join me and toast me so that I can write and teach, so that we can go to the galley and have a little something to eat. In contrast to my remote, tranquil home lofts, I spend the summers camping in the centre of our north NY State lake house.

I' m loving it. I' m typing in this room because there are two doors and a window. There are three ways to get away and exclude the outside worlds. If I write well, I like this room. If not, I'll use one of the emergency exits. As we were moving to our home for the elderly in Texas, I got the first reservation which room I should use for my work.

The one I chose with the wooden flooring, bookshelves and a look at the front garden. That' s where I spent most of my days, and with a kitten cot on the printers for one of the cats, and the other on the sofa, I'm really cute! I have a Texas Rangers desktop - it's enormous and it was a present from my late husband to mark my first sales to Harlequin Books.

I' ve got an ox head on the mural that matches the bullfighter romance I write. After all, I am very fond of vintage/old things and at fleamarkets I find knicky tricks that I like. I had to find a new desk for my 4th novel in my much smaller house when I last relocated and scaled down Thanksgiving.

So now I am on my couch, my legs up and I am covering a rug that my grandma crochet 25 years ago when my boy was firstborn. That' my new room, which used to be my daughter's room. Blank room = new offices. I' ve written in the dinning room, so I just like my new room.

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